UV Protection

Prevent your vehicle wrap from being “toasted” by the Sun. Use nanotechnology-based UV protection spray by Permanon. Permanon’s nanotechnology-based UV protection spray is exclusively offered in the vehicle wrap market by SkinzWraps. The key ingredient in this spray is Silicium (Si14) the second most frequently occurring element on Earth (after oxygen). Silicium readily combines with oxygen, forming silicates like sand (Silicon Dioxide SiO2).
The benefits of this nanotechnology-based UV protection spray are:

  • Easy to apply. Easy to maintain (see video below)
  • Electro-static bond not chemical reaction
  • Resistant against ultra violet (UV) light exposure
  • Resistant against acid rain
  • Pleasant oder, non-toxic, non-flammable no irritants, and biodegradable
  • Contain no VOC’s; Require no respiratory when mixing or application.
  • Applied through a water-based solution: Dilute with water and apply.
  • Repels airborne dust; dirt cannot bond tightly
  • Reduces future cleaning labor (time) by up to 50%
  • Extending time between cleanings
  • Easily removed at a pH of 12.5 or higher
Permanon’s nanotechnology-based UV protection is propriety mixture monomolecular (pure) Silicium (Si14). SkinzWraps has the exclusive distribution rights for this product in the vehicle wrap markets of North America, Italy, UAE and Australia. For more information email si14@skinzwraps.com. Please do not confuse Silicium with Silicone.
Easy Apply
Easy Apply
Easy Dry /Microfiber Cloth
Withstanding the Elements
Withstanding the Elements