Decorating Your Car for Halloween

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Since October is in full swing, we at SkinzWraps are getting ready for one of America’s favorite nights for spooky fun. On Halloween, people go all-out decorating their front porches and homes, finding the perfect costume, and some people even like to decorate their cars with creepy Halloween stuff and even vehicle wraps. If you’re one of those people, we have a few tips for making your car the coolest on the block.

Spider Webs

If you don’t plan on wrapping your car, an easy and affordable way to decorate your car for Halloween is to wrap spider webs around the roof or trunk of your car. You can find packs of fake spider webs at any store selling spooky decor. Sometimes they even have some that glow in the dark! An important rule for this decoration though is to make sure wherever you put it won’t obstruct your view when driving.

Vinyl Car Wrap

If you want to go all-out this year, do a Halloween-themed car wrap. Not only will this be unique, but you’ll be the most popular person in your group of friends. At SkinzWraps, we can create amazing, personalized wraps for your vehicle. We’ve done everything from wrapping Hummers to luxury vehicles. Driving around in your wrapped car will catch everyone’s eye!

Zombie Arms and Legs

Attach a store-bought zombie arm or leg inside of your trunk or car door and let the gross part hang out. We’ve all seen it a million times but it makes us stop and stare anyway because it catches us off guard. Consider putting cool zombie-themed car graphics on the side of your car to enhance the overall effect.

Bloody Gel Window Clings

Gel window clings for all seasons have gained popularity in recent years because they easily stick to glass and can be peeled off and saved for the following year. Many stores sell gel clings that look like bloody handprints or say things like “Beware” as a fun decoration. Stick them on the inside of your car windows so they aren’t damaged by the elements.

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