Tips for Making Sure Your Vehicle Wrap is What You Want

One of the benefits of vehicle wraps is that they’re not permanent like regular vehicle paint and may be changed at any time to update information or the design on the vehicle. However, it’s still important to take specific steps to ensure the finished car or truck wrap is exactly what you want.

If you take care of your wrap as recommended by SkinzWraps, you can enjoy the wrap for as long as you would a regular paint job. Getting a wrap that you are completely pleased with means working with a team experienced in applying vinyl wraps, as well as with a company that allows you to work with graphic artists on the initial design idea.

Here are a few rules and recommendations you may wish to consider as you design an effective vinyl wrap for your company fleet (even if your fleet is just a single vehicle!).

Don’t Confuse Onlookers with Obscure Images

Imagine you’re a plumber and you own a van that’s filled with your business tools. Each time you visit a customer, you can advertise with your van when it’s out on the street and parked in front of your client’s house. The most important consideration is making sure the finished wrap design is simple and clear. You don’t want customers wondering what in the world you’re selling.

If you’re a plumber, make sure people know you’re a plumber. If you’re a food caterer, make sure people know your delivery truck holds delicious food. If you use a graphic of something that’s representative of your trade, make sure that image is easy to understand and matches the tone and reputation of your business.

Make Sure the Information is Readable within Seconds

One of the reasons marketing experts recommend that business owners use vinyl wraps and graphics on their company vehicles is because of the exceptional value in mobile advertising offered with vehicle wraps. However, it’s easy to squander this opportunity if you use images that are confusing or you try to put too much information on your vehicle.

Avoid complex lists of items and focus on the name and contact information for your business or organization. People who see your vehicle on the street for a few seconds aren’t going to remember a five-point bullet list of services you provide. They will remember a few keywords like “caterer,” “plumber,” or “document shredding.”

Stand Out Without Being GarishLiberty Building Technologies Truck Wrap and Car Graphics by SkinzWraps

Covering a company car in a few garish colors to make sure people notice it right away might get your business some initial attention, but you might not gain many followers or fans with an eye-sore for a company vehicle. Car wrapping offers a wealth of benefits, from mobile advertising to protection of the vehicle exterior, but it’s far too easy to go overboard in the design phase.

Basic Art Guidelines from SkinzWraps

We can create custom car wraps from scratch for your vehicle, and we can also use files that you provide that can give us a starting point for our design work and eventual wrap installation. If phrases like “CMYK Color Mode,” “vector files,” and “file compression” sound like a foreign language to you, you may wish to rely on our artists completely to bring your idea to life.

However, if you have experience with graphics, you may wish to read our art guidelines to ensure the files you send along can be used during the design phase of your vehicle wraps. Do you have questions about our vehicle wraps? Get in touch to see how we can help you create a stand-out vinyl wrap.