Art Guidelines

Please follow the file specifications listed below to help create or send over your file(s). If you have further questions or concerns regarding your files, please contact a SkinzWraps™ sales representative.

  1. Create or convert all layered files to RGB Color Mode in Adobe Photoshop CS3 or Adobe Illustrator CS3. Do not use CMYK Color Mode.
  2. Assign Adobe RGB (1998) Color Profile to both bitmap and vector-formatted files.
    • Assigning a different color profile may lead to unwanted, printed color results.
    • In the event SkinzWraps™ has to convert color profiles, and colors have shifted to unwanted results on screen, extra charges may incur for extra time spent color-correcting files.
  3. Send vector files as true vector files.
    • A bitmap image such as a .JPG or .TIF file, saved as an .EPS/.AI file in a vector program, such as Adobe Illustrator, does not constitute as being true vector.
    • Convert all type to outlines and/or send us the necessary, Mac-compatible font(s).
    • Vector files with embedded images should always be high resolution.
  4. Supplied art files must be in high resolution. If you are unsure of the resolution of an image, play it safe and always go big! The higher the resolution in dots per inch (dpi) and the bigger the dimensions, the less chance of the image(s) will have of pixelation.
  5. Design all layered files at actual print size at 72 dpi, with at least 6” of extra bleed beyond vehicle outline.
    • For example, if actual print/wrap size measurements are 150” x 50”, create your Adobe Photoshop canvas at 162” x 62”at 72 DPI.
  6. Do not resize art files down for uploading purposes. Instead, compress all files, individually, prior to uploading to SkinzWraps™ server.
    • For example, if your file is created at 162” x 62” at 72 dpi, DO NOT SIZE DOWN proportionately to 16.2” x 6.2” at 720 dpi.
  7. Use the following link to upload all compressed files to SkinzWraps™:
  8. You may upload the following compressed file types in PC or MAC platform:
    • .JPG (high quality)
    • .TIF
    • .PSD
    • .PSB
    • .PDF
    • .EPS
    • .AI