Car Wraps

 Car Vinyl Wraps

With over a decade of experience, testing, and research in car wraps, We transform cars with vinyl car wraps and unique car graphics at our four locations in Texas, California, New York, Florida, and throughout the country.


Custom Vinyl Flame Wraps on a 350z in Dallas  Full Custom Car Wrap in Hollywood, CA  Custom Car Graphics for Little Debbie Smartcar in L.A.

Partial Car Wrap on a Prius in Dallas  Vinyl Vehicle Wrap on a Prius for Go Green Dallas  Race Car Custom Wrap

How Can I Make My Car Look Unique?

The other day, you saw a Tesla on the highway and noticed it looked a little different. it was better looking than anything else on the road. That Tesla had a matte charcoal metallic wrap from SkinzWraps, which made the electric beast look like something out of a magazine. A rolling advertisement for just how amazing a car can look with custom designed car wraps.

With millions of cars on the road, feeling like you drive a unique car is challenging unless you have a Lambo sitting in the garage. However, even if you own the same car as a million other people in your state (which can easily happen in places like Texas), a radical change to your car’s paint finish might be just the upgrade you want.

So, how do you make your car stand out, so it’s not just another Prius, 370Z, or F150?

Customize Your Car with Vinyl Car Graphics

In addition to standard wrap designs like carbon fiber wraps and chrome car wraps, we also have a design team that works with custom requests. Our car wrap design techs work exclusively to create graphics for vehicles and in vehicle wrap design.

Every car presents unique challenges with its bends, curves, and chrome, and our car wrap design experience allows us to apply a vinyl car wrap to just about anything with wheels. 

Here are a few of our specialty wraps and car wrap options:

Smart Car Wraps

One of the coolest car vinyl wrap options we have is our selection of smart car wraps. Designed for the Smart Car 2.0, our wraps run the gamut from an ethereal and ocean-like cerulean that we simply call “The Blue” to a fierce black and red wrap we call “Angel of Death.”

Race Car Wraps

We’ve wrapped a serious number of race car graphics for vehicles all over the country, and we can work with you on your car wrap advertising to make sure your sponsors are featured in clear and readable type. Our car wrap design techs can fit any logo or image on just about any race car, and our car wrapping prices are competitive.

Don’t have a race car but like to drive fast? We specialize in sports car wraps, too. People won’t just hear your 707 hp Hellcat roaring down the highway; they’ll see a supercharged menace that’s ready to melt pavement.

Ditch the Ordinary with a Unique Car Wrap

You’ve seen cars with flames plastered along the side and classic muscle cars with big, fat racing stripes running from front to back, but a car wrap doesn’t have to be flashy and neon to give your car that unique factor.

Maybe you’ve got a Jeep and think our camo car wraps would make it look like it just clawed its way out of the jungle. Perhaps you just bought a Ram 1500 and think a matte black car wrap with your company’s logo on the door is the way to go. Are you just itching to get a carbon fiber car wrap on your M5?

Want to know if we can wrap your car? Give us a call and tell us about your ride and what car graphics you’d like to see on your vehicle. Something flashy? Something subtle?

Contact us and we’ll go over our car wrap pricing and how our graphic artists will create something incredible and custom for your vehicle whether it’s a brand new sports car or your humble daily driver.