Carbon Fiber Wraps

Carbon Fiber Wraps

Carbon fiber wraps add style, elegance, and class to virtually any car or truck, and they’re a popular option for clients of Skinzwraps. Customers come to us because they know our talented team is the best at what they do in the design and installation of amazing custom vehicle wraps.

Skinzwraps works with just about any color imaginable with our vehicle wraps in Dallas, but time and time again, we get requests for the carbon fiber look. And it’s no wonder since the wrap is ideal for any make and model.

What’s Carbon Fiber? And Why Do I Want a Wrap?

Automobile enthusiasts and a variety of other groups use carbon fiber because it’s a lightweight material. For projects like race cars, carbon fiber reduces the overall vehicle weight, which translates into a faster car. Carbon fiber is also incredibly strong, which boosts its value even more as a lightweight material that won’t buckle under the pressure of a race car.

However, buying actual carbon fiber panels isn’t always appropriate for a vehicle that’s not an actual race car or that won’t be participating in local racing events at the track. That’s where our custom car wraps come into play. Maybe you bought a carbon fiber hood, but you want the rest of your car wrapped to match.

Whether you’re driving a Ferrari or Scion, a carbon fiber vehicle wrap will make the car look amazing, particularly when it’s not practical to replace the entire shell with actual carbon fiber! As an element that’s purely for looks, a carbon fiber wrap is the easiest way to boost the visual appeal of your vehicle.

A Carbon Fiber Car Wrap from Skinzwraps is…

  • A great way to protect your vehicle’s paint job.
  • An instant boost to your car’s appearance.
  • The easiest way to get that carbon fiber look without actual carbon fiber.
  • Appropriate for any vehicle whether it’s budget or luxury.

Sometimes our clients arrange for car wrapping because they want to advertise something. For those clients seeking the carbon fiber vinyl look, the reason is usually to greatly enhance the appearance of the vehicle in a non-permanent way.

Imagine you’re leasing a Mercedes, but the color you leased is champagne or white, and you want the sleek carbon fiber look. Our custom car wraps are ideal because they allow you to transform the look of your vehicle, protect the car while it’s in your possession, and return it to your dealership in a few years with a flawless paint job after we remove the wrap at the end of your lease.

Get Your Carbon Fiber Wrap from Skinzwraps

We’re proud of our team of artists and installers for their dedication to creating the most incredible custom car graphics, and we’d love to talk about your project. Get in touch to see how a carbon fiber wrap can make your car or truck look amazing whether it’s a roaring GT-R, a workhorse F-150, or the family’s Honda Accord.