The Importance Of Brand Identity And How Car Wraps Factor In

Car Being Vinyl Wrapped Blue

What is brand identity? This is how you want to represent your business to potential customers. This includes your logo, colors, shapes, graphics, your business name, language and even font. Your brand identity sets the tone, the mood and the personality of your company.

Can a car wrap factor into brand identity? Absolutely, yes! Remember though, you want to be sure it factors in as a positive for your company. You do not want a vehicle wrap that is seen as a nuisance or unsightly.

Vinyl Wraps Can Be Essential to Your Advertising Campaign

So, what is the importance of brand identity when using car wraps? Brand identity with a car wrap can be a vital part of your advertising. On average, 86% of Americans commute. The real intention of the car wrap is to simply plant the company’s logo, image and brand in the mind of any prospective customer.

You want your vehicle wrap to be memorable, in a positive way. Your brand identity includes any visual elements used to promote your business. Signs, business cards, logo, apparel and website are all factors of brand identity.  The advantage of a vehicle wrap being added to your collection of brand identity is the fact that it is a moving and active advertisement.

Keep Your Wrap Aligned with Your Main Branding

Your car wrap must be cohesive with all other branding within your company. This might mean your log needs to be updated or existing signage be changed to match up with the car wrap. Each item in your brand identity should have the same style and design.

It also should set you apart from your competitors. The creativity in your brand identity and on your car wrap should help you stand out from the rivals.

Ensure Your Car Wrap Represents Your Brand’s Core Values

Your car wrap should have the same personality, or values of your company. This suggests the qualities you want your audience to feel.  The personality should reflect your business’s overall message.

Along with personality, your car wrap should create an awareness of who you are. In order to be effective, brand identity should help you to build a community of customers that are loyal and trust what you are selling. They should be able to see your car wrap and get an immediate feeling of satisfaction.

Improve Your Brand with an Impressionable Look

Your car wrap should perform in your brand identity so that it improves the brand. It should be immediately identifiable. By making an identifiable impression, it makes a promise to be worthwhile. Part of brand identity is to be quickly discernible.

For a vehicle wrap to be effective in a business owners brand identity package, it must generate leads.

A car wrap should be:

  • Creative
  • Eye-catching
  • Clear and concise

A potential customer may only see that vehicle for 2-4 seconds or at 60 mph, so it must be memorable and noticeable and distinguishable from all four sides. Eye-catching graphics and clear contact information are essential.

Car wraps can be a major asset to your brand identity when it is done well, in fact, a car wrap can increase visibility and revenue. Professional car wrap companies, such as SkinzWraps, Inc., can help you design what you need to get your advertising moving.  Contact us today to learn more about our services.