Industry Stats

The following are some compelling statistics that SkinzWraps™ has compiled about our industry. These statistics speak more to the general opportunity our industry offers and not to the level of quality or expertise of those in our industry. If you want the best results from our industry, then work with SkinzWraps™; we are the best.

  • 1.Mobile advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) than any other form of outdoor advertising.
  • 2.More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers.
  • 3.The average American has traveled 302 miles in the past 7 days.
  • 4.One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions daily.
  • 5.Federal Highway Administration study forecasts a sharp increase in the amount of time spent in personal vehicles and the number of trips per household.
  • 6.Fleet vehicle wraps are ideally suited for various types advertising campaigns, including new product launch, and event marketing and are increasingly being used as part of the marketing mix.
  • 7.Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.
  • 8.30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they would base a buying decision on the ad they see.
  • 9.Transit advertising has grown to be the second largest segment of the outdoor advertising industry in terms of dollars spent (as of 2003) representing 19%. The Outdoor Advertising industry has nearly doubled since 1993 from $1.19B to $2.09B in 2003. These numbers continue to grow each year.
  • 10.Eight out of ten Americans report they have walked in a town, city or downtown area, on average 6.1 miles in the past seven days. This pedestrian traffic represents a significant reach opportunity for advertisers.