Radio Station Vehicle Wraps

Radio Station Advertising Vehicle Wraps

Virtually every radio station in the country uses vehicle wraps, and they’re an integral part of broadcasting the radio station’s brand in a visual way that goes beyond the airwaves where people need to tune in to learn about the station. SkinzWraps has covered company vehicles for radio stations on every coast and everywhere in between, so we know how to make a statement with your vehicle.

No matter what type of car or truck serves as your radio station mobile advertising, we can design effective radio station vehicle wraps for any or all of your vehicles. You might have a large van you take out for special events and street team promotions and cars that you take to other venues. Our vehicle advertising graphics are ideal for any vehicle your station uses, and we have experienced installing vinyl wraps in Dallas on all makes and models of vehicles.

Mobile Billboard Advertising For Radio Stations

Mobile advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise, and it’s particularly popular with radio stations, as well as television stations and related media. It’s important for radio stations to put a “face to the name,” and Dallas vehicle graphics that feature the headshots of radio DJs help build brand loyalty with listeners.

It’s common for our radio station vehicle wraps to cover the entire vehicle so as to take advantage of as much advertising space as possible. Every side of the vehicle will usually have the station identification number, and it’s common to have the station’s tagline printed on the side or the image of one or a few of the DJs.

Benefits of our vehicle wraps include:

  • It’s easy to change the design with a new wrap when necessary
  • Vinyl vehicle wraps are an awesome way to advertise special events
  • Radio station vehicle wraps help build name recognition
  • Protect company vehicles with our protective vinyl wraps

Our professional graphic designers will help make sure your vehicle advertising is easy to read and that it will take less than a second for a listener to identify the radio station vehicle they’re looking at when the van passes. Although it’s tempting to cover a vehicle with as much information as possible, it’s important to focus on the most important part of the custom car wrap, which is the station ID.

Professional Radio Station Vehicle Wraps

We’ve been in the vinyl wrap business long enough to know that professional work and results are the keys to success. We’ve put together an incredibly talented crew of graphic designers and installation technicians who know their way around virtually any vehicle on the road. Don’t let a fly-by-night wrap service cover your vehicles with substandard car wrapping. Let our experienced crew handle the design and installation of your vinyl wrap in Dallas.

Give us a call today, we’d love to show you what’s possible with our radio station vehicle wraps. Let us update your company trucks with fresh new designs or let us cover your new vehicles with valuable and cost-effective car graphics for radio station advertising. At SkinzWraps, our radio station vehicle wraps are the perfect accompaniment to your street team promotions whether you play golden oldies, modern R&B, or bubblegum pop.