Scion Car Wraps

SkinzWraps Has The Hook Up With Scion Car Wraps

There are many vehicles that are particularly popular with vinyl wraps today like company vehicles and street-legal race cars, and one brand of vehicle that is particularly popular with vinyl wrap enthusiasts is Scion, which is a division of Toyota. SkinzWraps has connections to many of the Scion dealerships through the Dallas area, which means getting Scion wraps with us is easy.

The Scion XB is a really popular delivery vehicle, particularly for food services that deliver catering and make home deliveries. All sorts of businesses like realtors, taxi services, and mobile computer techs use Scions as their company vehicles because they’re roomy enough for people and equipment, but they’re not too large like the size of a traditional delivery van.

Designing Scion Body Graphics Wraps

There’s an art to designing effective car graphics for businesses, and we’ve wrapped Scions from coast to coast with creative and memorable custom vehicle wraps. You can convey an extraordinary amount of information on your Scion with colors, contact information, and a logo.

Imagine you own a business that works on people’s backyard pools. We might choose a few background colors in varying shades of blue to make people think of the water in a swimming pool. Your logo and company’s telephone number will stand out for everyone to see on the blue background of your vinyl car wrap.

Even if you don’t normally use your Scion for deliveries, it can be helpful to think about putting some car graphics on the side to advertise your business. Our Dallas Scion XB Wraps are great for professionals like real estate agents or mobile notary publics. Even when you’re not on your way to an appointment, your Scion is advertising for you with each mile you travel with a vinyl car wrap.

Here are a few benefits of installing a car wrap on your Scion:

  • Protect your vehicle’s paint job with a wrap that’s less expensive than a paint job.
  • Use your vehicle as mobile advertising whenever your Scion is out on a delivery.
  • Easily update your Scion wraps whenever you change your company’s logo.
  • Advertise new products and events with special car graphics.

Even if your Scion isn’t part of a business, we’re experts in applying Scion body graphics wraps to any model, so you can enjoy an awesome wrap whether you drive an XB or an FR-S. From partial wraps to full car wraps, we can wrap as little or as much of your car as you’d like with custom car wraps from SkinzWraps.

Explore Our Scion Body Graphics Wraps

We’ve wrapped a ton of Scions and know the process like the back of our hand, but that doesn’t mean we don’t put maximum creativity into each Scion project that comes through our doors. We’re proud of our talented graphic designers, and we can wrap your Scion with anything from cool a carbon fiber wrap to a personalized Scion wrap to promote your business.

Contact SkinzWraps today about your new Scion, and we’ll get to work designing a new look for your vehicle with a unique and custom vinyl wrap in Dallas.