Specialty Films™

  • 1. Carbon:SkinzWraps Carbon film is simply the best in the market. While this in demand trend has brought a lot of newcomers to the market, only SkinzWraps has the experience and knowledge to bring you a realistic, durable and striking carbon film product.
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  • 2. MatteBlack:SkinzWraps takes its premier vehicle wrap vinyl and pigments it jet black at the manufacturing level. Then we laminate this custom roll of material with our best vehicle wrap lamination. The result is a flawless matte (flat) black we call SkinzWraps Stealth Black.
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  • 3. Satin Black:Satin Black takes everything that’s great about the matte black product but allows for a little bit of shimmer. This is seen as a unique alternative to the stealth black; it’s the best of both the gloss and matte black worlds.
  • 4. Stormtrooper White:For that ultra slick, understated custom look, the Stormtrooper White is the perfect approach to wrapping your vehicle. This specialty film is sleek and strong and gives you that high-end look.
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