SUV Wraps

Promote Your Business With Custom SUV Wraps

SUVs are quickly becoming the go-to vehicle for everyone from soccer moms to hip hop artists. They fit everyone’s needs and stay stylish in the process which is why so many businesses are using them to promote their company or products. As SUVs continue to grow in popularity, it’s a good idea to think about differentiating the look of yours from everyone else’s and upping the ante a bit.

If you own a SUV for your business, you need to take it to the next level and really put it to use with a custom SUV wrap! No matter what kind of business you have or how detailed your car wrap needs to be, SkinzWraps has the expertise to match!


Increase Your Marketing with a Branded SUV Wrap

Vehicle graphics are a great way to maximize your company’s local reach. Since SUVs are larger than the typical vehicle, they allow for more advertising space to be utilized and therefore a greater overall impact. A great commercial car wrap allows you to market your service or product on the go without any effort. The custom car wrap does the work for you!

Vehicle wraps are the new, cost effective way to advertise and market your business. Do you need a little more convincing? Check out these statistics from Cox Communications/Eagle Research:

  • 48% of those polled viewed car wraps as the most unique advertising medium available.
  • Daily impressions of people seeing your car wrap is over 40,000
  • Car wraps and television ads were viewed as the two most memorable media.
  • 47%of 18-34 year olds surveyed found car wraps especially memorable.
  • Car wraps rank highly among advertising media for positive associations.
  • Of the target population, 61% spend over 1 hour per day on the road and 33%spend over 2 hours.

Let SkinzWraps Help Your Business

Are you interested in new ways to market your services? Our car wrap experts can help!

Contact SkinzWraps today and let us create an amazing vinyl wrap for your business’ SUV!