3 Ways SkinzWraps Can Make Your Car Look High-End

Tesla Matte Black Wrap

When it comes to customizing cars, our creative geniuses are never short on ideas and new designs for clients. We’ve done everything from vinyl wrapping Hummers to simple graphic designs for catering businesses. Some clients like to do a car wrap that stands out while others simply want to alter the color of their car. For those that appreciate subtlety and luxury, here are 3 ways to give your car that high-end look we all love.

Matte Car Wraps

Have you ever seen a luxury sports car driving down the highway with a matte paint job that catches your eye? Even if you don’t have an expensive car, you can still take advantage of a beautiful car wrap for your vehicle. Some of the most popular matte colors are black and various shades of gray. They’re sleek, sexy, and don’t reflect light, making your car stand out even more.

Gloss Black Roof Wrap

In the past, high-end car manufacturers have used darkly tinted glass as part of the roof  or simply leaving the car’s roof  black. However in recent years, other car manufacturers have started offering this as an add-on or packaged deal to their cars. If you like the look of these cars, there’s no reason your car can’t achieve the same look. At SkinzWraps, we offer roof wrapping to help you get the luxury look you’re going for.

Color Changing WrapsIMG_1493-L

Let’s say you recently bought a car you love at a great price but you just don’t like the paint color. That’s an easy fix that our experts can handle. You should be happy with your car and enjoy driving it every single day. An investment that big shouldn’t come with any dissatisfaction. Choose a new color for your vehicle and we can get started transforming the exterior into the car of your dreams. Color change wraps can make all the difference!

Let SkinzWraps Help

Do you want the look of a brand new vehicle without paying the price for it? Our wrapping specialists can give you the car of your dreams for a price to fit your budget. The look of a high-end vehicle is easy to get if you have the right people helping you. Contact us today to learn more about our vinyl wrap process what we can do for you!