Onsite Car Wrap Printing Department

Our onsite car wrap printing department and staff ensures the accurate transfer of the images through its state of the art print server. The large format printers are fitted with top of the line ink systems ensuring the best color schemes and resolution available in the industry.

Hi-Def Vehicle Wraps

We offer our 720 DPI high-definition printing for all of our vehicle wrap clients – the difference of this enhanced resolution is unmistakable. Our high-definition output is brilliant and eye-catching. We have carefully chosen the media we use for vehicle wraps.

Our material is the best quality in the business; a premium cast vinyl film designed for long term outdoor signage. It has excellent conformability to irregular surfaces, real dimensional stability during use, superior outdoor performance and durability, and a high gloss finish for better appearance. The media has a grey adhesive which provides extra opacity for block out performance, and clean and easy ability to remove with little or no adhesive residue and no damage to a vehicle’s exterior. It has been time tested for use in vehicle wraps and allows us to offer a true Hi-Def output product.

Having the design and printing departments coordinated is crucial to offering our clients fast, accurate and reliable service,  all with our guarantee of the highest quality media materials and image reproduction. To learn more about our processes, or to get starting printing your vehicle wrap, contact SkinzWraps today.