Vehicle Wrap Design Team

Part of what makes SkinzWraps™ the leading vehicle wraps company and sets us apart from our competition, is our award winning design team.  Not only are they are in house, they also will work in tandem with your project manager. We’re not simply aggregating different skill sets and vendors, we have it all.

Custom Designed For Your Brand & Vehicle

Designing a wrap for a vehicle requires multiple disciplines of graphic design expertise. The design team at SkinzWraps™ specializes exclusively in vehicle wrap design. We understand every detail of this highly specialized design process. We ensure that the design and branding effectively represents our clients’ company, business or product while utilizing the most sophisticated design techniques. To date, our designers have collectively designed more car wraps than any other firm.

 Give us a call today at (214) 741-4529 and  put our design skills to test!

Our designers know how to effectively brand a company within this specific media type and highlight the distinguishing and identifiable characteristics of a client’s business and image to create a one-of-a-kind design for their vehicle wrap. They refine the design based on any suggestions or requests that our clients may have until a final design is approved. We always keep our clients in the loop which is an important part of our design service.

Effective Marketing On the Go

Ultimately, and most important, we produce vehicle wrap and vinyl graphic designs that effectively communicate the client’s message. Each member of the design team has worked with hundreds of vehicle wrap clients, and we strive to treat each client individually with creative insight and a thoughtful approach.

Each designer has an extensive background in Communications Media and Graphic Design. They have won many awards for their work and have studied at leading design and art institutions. Our designers have worked in diverse roles across various marketing and communications media including: commercial print media, trademark and logo design, branding, public relations and advertising. Contact SkinzWraps today to test the skills of our design team!