Wrap Care

Caring For Your Custom Vehicle Wrap

To keep your investment looking great you will need to follow a few basic rules.

How to keep your Vehicle Clean with a Vinyl Wrap

1. Hand Wash Your Wrapped Car

Hand washing your new vinyl wrap with a sponge and mild soapy water is ideal however a high pressure sprayer can be used from a distance with tepid or cold water. 

2. Never put the nozzle directly on your wrap or against a seam.

wax car wrap

The vinyl could rip or tear. Also, never take your vehicle through an automatic car wash with bristles. The bristles can damage your vinyl wrap which could lead to costly repairs. Keeping your car wrap clean during winter can bring on a whole new set of challenges. Do not use a buffer.

3. Wax your Car

Waxing your vehicle at least once every 3 months will help keep your wrap protected from the elements. The wax we suggest you use is Turtle Wax Ice. If you have a detail shop wax your vehicle make sure the wax they use is safe for vinyl. Waxing your vehicle will also help the uninstall process allowing the vinyl to come off leaving little to no adhesive.

4. Watch Where You Park 

Avoid parking under trees for long periods of time. Sap from certain trees can damage your investment and ruin your wrap.

5. Wax The Wrapped Windows

Window perforated vinyl should be waxed as well. This will help protect the laminate and longevity of the vinyl. Never use a high pressure sprayer on the window perf. The sprayer will damage the perf.

Not properly caring for your vehicle wrap can void your warranty on your investment.

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