Vehicle Wrap vs. Paint Which is Better

Vehicle Wraps or Paint?

5 Reasons to Consider a Vehicle Wrap for Your Car

car wraps dallasThe biggest question a vehicle owner might have when choosing a type of wrap for his or her car is whether a wrap is a better choice than a new paint job. For vehicle owners who have never had their car wrapped before, the choice might not be so clear.

If you’re trying to decide whether to get a wrap from SkinzWraps or whether it’s time to get a new paint job for your vehicle, here are some of the excellent reasons to choose a car wrap.


 #1:  It’s less expensive to wrap than it is to paint.


Paint jobs can vary dramatically in price with costs that can reach $10,000 on the high end. The most expensive vinyl wraps will usually cost only half that and look just as spectacular as a high-end paint job for anywhere from five to eight years.

The cost for a high-quality wrap will vary depending on the complexity of your vehicle (your wrap cost is based on the difficulty of wrapping the vehicle rather than the base cost of the material). However, the result will look as good or better than traditional paint.

 #2:  Vinyl wraps offer endless options for appearance.


color change car wrapGetting an unusual or exotic color for your new paint job can cause problems when you try to sell your vehicle, so it’s difficult to get creative with a new paint color. On the other hand, you can get just about any pattern or color imaginable in a wrap because it’s easily removed at any time.

If you decide to sell your car a few years after you get the wrap, you can have the wrap removed if you think it might impact the sale of the vehicle. If you get a crazy paint job and then try to sell your car, you can’t simply remove the paint job and get your car back to normal before selling it.

 #3:  Your paint job will remain vibrant under the wrap.


A vinyl wrap not only makes your vehicle look terrific, but it also protects the existing paint job on your vehicle. If you have a car that is brand new, you can maintain that new appearance by covering your vehicle with a wrap.

Not only will protecting your vehicle’s native paint job help you retain as much value as possible for your vehicle, but the vinyl wrap will also allow you to retain the original paint job when you sell the vehicle in the future, which is an attractive selling point for buyers.

 #4:  Vinyl wraps are quick to install and remove.


When you get your car painted, you’re probably looking at a few weeks of not having a vehicle. It’s often pretty difficult to adjust your lifestyle for two weeks – or even longer – when you depend on your car each day for transportation.

Your vinyl wrap shouldn’t take more than a few days to complete, and even the most complex installations don’t usually take more than five days once you drop your vehicle off at the vinyl wrap installation shop.

 #5:  Vinyl is easy to remove, update, and change.


A paint job is a pretty permanent option on a vehicle, and it’s not really possible to remove a paint job and choose a different color with ease. A vinyl wrap, on the other hand, can be as temporary or as permanent as you wish with a lifespan of up to eight years.

If you make a mistake with the vinyl wrap you choose for your vehicle, it is possible to change it for an additional investment of time and money and the removal process is easy. It’s much more difficult to “take back” a paint job if you decide you made a mistake on the color.

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