4 Reasons to Add a Wrapped Accent Wall at Work or Home

Wrapped Accent Wall

One of the best ways to jazz up your vehicle is through a vinyl wrap by SkinzWraps, Inc. While you are enjoying your newly wrapped vehicle, we ask, why stop there? Take your wrapping game to the next level by adding an accent wall from SkinzWraps to your home or business.

Here are four key reasons why this affordable and fun way is a good idea when you want to beautify your home or boost your business.

1. They Can Be a Fun Home Fix

If you are a parent that has a child or teenager, then you already know that some of their decorative ideas can seem a little out of this world. Painting the walls every time that they change their style preference can be costly and a general pain.

By ordering an accent wall from SkinzWraps, you can make these changes both painless and fun. Think of how excited your son will be to have a mural of space on his wall at night. Then, think of how much you saved by not painting the walls by hand.

2. Help Incentivize Your Customers to Buy!

Science has proven that colors can influence a person’s emotions. Take advantage of this and do your color research! Look around at the current weather and use colors that will be inviting to people in walking through your store.

Remember, buying decisions are almost always the result of a person following their emotions. Why not put this to the test by trying out different wall accents in your business? If you end up having to re-work the design due to trial and error, at least the process for installation and removal is relatively painless and affordable.

3. Put Your Mission Statement Where Customers Can See It

Wrapping a vehicle fleet is one way to get consumer attention. However, if you have a great mission statement, throw it up on the 13wall for all of your visitors to see. By being up front and showing the consumer what your brand is all about, you are therefore increasing the quality of your brand and the likeliness that you will be making a sale.

The experts at SkinzWraps will be able to help you design specifications for you wall accent to ensure that it is one that represents your brand in just the right light.

4. Wall Murals Are Affordable in Any Location

Skip the expensive paint jobs and switch over to a vinyl solution for any room in your home or office. A wall mural has the ability to make any room unique, for any specific amount of time. When you want it changed, you simply schedule a removal with your wrap company and get started on your next project.

SkinzWraps, Inc. Wraps More Than Your Vehicle

If you have a wall that is looking a little bland, liven it up today with a wrapped wall mural from SkinzWraps, Inc. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.