6 Major Do’s and Don’ts of a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wrap Dos Donts

As with all major life decisions there are right and wrong ways to approach vehicle wraps. Here are six of the biggest things to do and avoid before you get your car wrapped.

Animal Shelter Trailer Wrap1. Do Be Prepared to Go Bold

Your vehicle wrap is an investment, so you want to make sure that you are prepared to get creative with your vinyl wrap design. Vehicle wrap design on its own has a history for being bold and exciting. When creating your design, don’t be afraid to get exciting in order to get noticed. Your vehicle is your canvas, so put on that great graphic on your trailer or car you’ve been considering and let doubt take the back seat.

2. Don’t Make Your Design Overly Complicated

While on the subject of going bold and taking the leap with something like a color changing car wrap. If you own a business and are considering getting a vinyl wrap on your company vehicle, then you want to keeping mind the complexity of your wrap.

The overall goal is to be eye-catching, but crowding your design with large amounts of imagery and design elements can create a headache for people looking at your vehicle and can be off-putting. Strive for a bold yet controlled message for your wrap.

3. Do Consider Your Brand and Message on Your Vehicle Wrap

Keep in mind that your vehicle is different from a print ad where your viewer has time to absorb your message and brand. Your vehicle wrap is a form of mobile billboard advertising, so you need to keep this in mind with your design. Make sure that your brand and messaging is clear and to the point. Remember that people who see a moving advertisement are more likely to remember the information that they absorb, so take the extra time to get your brand straight.

News Van Wrap4. Don’t Overcrowd with Too Much Ad Copy

Getting your message across is important, but you want to avoid having too much ad copy on your vehicle wrap design. You should really consider focusing on one copy highlight in your message.

Pick from:

  • Strong Brand Identity
  • Web Address
  • Social Media Information
  • Phone Number
  • Short Brand Message

5. Do Make Sure Your Job is Sized Up Properly

Make sure that the company that you go with knows how to work with the process of vinyl car wrapping. This involves sizing up the vehicle and knowing the measurements of the vehicle on all sides before the wrap is actually placed on your vehicle.

6. Don’t Rush into a Vinyl Wrapping

Your vehicle wrap is going to be a special moment for your car. You want to make sure that the vehicle wrap company that you are doing business with understands what they are doing from the beginning to end. A bad car wrap can be fixed, but it is still a job that should have been done right the first time around. Do your homework on your wrap business, find out their experience and know what you are getting into before you get wrapped.

SkinzWraps Knows The Right Process of Wrapping Your Vehicle

We know that your vehicle wrap needs to be done right the first time. If you want a professional wrap job that doesn’t disappoint, get in touch with SkinzWraps today. We know all the “Do’s” and help you to avoid any “Don’ts.”