Breaking Down Our Latest Vinyl Wrap Creation: Emporium Pies

Emporium Pies wrapped Commercial Vehicle

At SkinzWraps, Inc. we love the fall season because that’s the time when some of the best foods and desserts hit the table. So, when Emporium Pies asked us to create a wrap for their business’ vehicle, how could we say no!?

We put our vinyl wrap experience to the test and helped create an elegant yet eye catching design that is sure to put Emporium Pies on the map in Dallas!

Meet Emporium Pies

Emporium Pies states that they create “fine pies, for fine folk,” and we couldn’t agree more! They are a Dallas-based pie shop that offers both in-store purchases as well as delivery options. 

Emporium Pies offers handmade pies made from high quality ingredients that change to match the best tastes of the season. 

With a great reputation and delivery requirements on the table, it only makes sense that a vehicle wrap would be their next steps towards success during a busy holiday season. 

What Did We Create?

Emporium Pies Wrapped CarEmporium Pies has locations in Deep Ellum, Oak Cliff, and McKinney, so we wanted to make sure that their message was seen throughout their deliveries in the surrounding areas of their shops. 

Eye Popping Color Scheme

Color and design are the key ways to get a car wrap noticed. When we think pies, we think of the vibrant colors that come from the fruits and ingredients beneath the crust. So, we kept our wrap at that basic, colorful idea.

Using a white background, the vibrant colors of the floral design attract the attention of passerby to the vehicle. From there, viewers should easily catch the beautiful, golden, Emporium Pies logo that ties in the meaning of this gorgeous van wrap job. 

Easy Information

We’ve found that with business wraps, it’s best to keep the verbiage to a minimum and only include essential information on the wrap. For Emporium Pies, we strategically placed their website on the back and sides of the van, as well as a quick call-to-action that could literally mean “follow me” to pies or to look them up on social media. Either way, we feel like we were able to knock out two birds with one, elegant stone and present an actionable message that hits passerby at a glance. 

Create Your Brand’s Next Big Success With SkinzWraps, Inc.

If you’ve seen Emporium Pies delivering goodies in your area and want to know where they got their luscious wrap from, allow us to introduce ourselves. At SkinzWraps, inc. We specialize in collaborating, designing, creating, and installing custom vehicle wraps for personal or business use. 

Our wraps give your car the glamor and protection that a paint job can’t provide, and at a much lower price point. If you’re interested in creating a custom car wrap that makes your vehicle stand out, we can help! 

Contact us today to start the design process.