This car has the largest engine ever installed in a series-production 911, a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six that reaches 500 hp at 8250 rpm. That's up from 450 hp at 7900 rpm for the 911 GT3 RS with its 3.8-liter flat-six (which we also wrapped in SkinzWraps Chrome) The maximum torque of 339 lb-ft- up from 317- arrives at 5750 rpm.
  It is a limited-production run of just 600 copies globally. The standard color is Carrara White, accentuated with silver and red striping on the front fascia, sides, hood, and roof- and huge "Porsche" lettering on the rear spoiler. The multifarious gimmicks and luxuries of many other 911's are markedly absent- there is no stop watch on the top of the dashboard, no cupholder, no navigation system, and, as mentioned before, no PDK.     This, of course, means the GT3 RS 4.0 will be even more expensive than the non-numbered RS. The 4.0 should set you back at leasr $185,000 when it hits U.S. showrooms later this year, about $70,000 more than a regular 911 GT3 and still $50,000 more than the GT3 RS. You'll probably still be lucky to get one.     This install was true craftmanship at its best. A detailed video and photo is coming soon. Before you call asking if we can wrap your '95 Honda, please not that we only offer SkinzWraps Chrome for race cars.