Easy Ways to Care for Your Car Wrap in the Texas Heat

Car Wrap in the Heat

Texas in the summer can really do a number on your car wrap’s quality. We know you always want your car to have the visual appeal you paid for. Don’t let the sun damage your vinyl this season. Try out these five tips to help you properly care for your car wrap in the southern heat.

Get Protection for Your Car Wrap

Your vinyl car wrap may be prepared for hot weather, but why take the risk of pushing its durability to the limit. We suggest investing in a high-quality vinyl coating that provides UV protection for your design.

A heat-resistant coating will help protect your car, while also having zero effect on the quality of your wrap’s design. 

Hand Wash Your Vehicle

While it isn’t recommended that you rub or wash your vehicle during peak heat hours, it is a smart move to regularly hand wash your vehicle. This will help prevent the buildup of pollutants in the air during the summer. Once you start to see dust or grime forming on your vehicle, we suggest washing it down with a sponge.

If you must take your car to a car wash, it’s recommended that the wash be automatic, brushless and uses cool water. Brushes will pull at your wrap job and hot water puts your wrap at high-risk for warping.

Rinse Your Wrapped Vehicle Down

Even if your car isn’t grimy, it’s a good idea to spritz it down with cool water on the hotter days of summer. A car wrap left in the sun will warp and wrinkle over time. So, in between washes, don’t be afraid to hose down your wrap for a little extra protection during the hottest part of the day.

Rotate Your Parking Direction

Our biggest tip for wrap protection is to park your car out of direct sunlight; preferably in a covered parking garage. However, if you must regularly park amidst the sun rays, rotate your vehicle each time you park. This way, if fading or warping does occur, it’ll be even, and your car won’t stick out as much as it would if the damage was on a single section of your vehicle.

Make Sure your Car Wrap is High-Quality

There are two very popular selections when it comes to vinyl wraps:

  • Cast Vinyl
  • Calendered Vinyl

In our experience, cast vinyl is a more flexible material that won’t crack as easily in the heat as calendered would. Remember, the protection of your vinyl wrap starts with opting for the best selection for your location.

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