How To Wash A Car With A Vinyl Wrap

Taking Care of Your Car Wrap

If you are small business owner in Dallas trying to get your message out or just a pedestrian who wants to change the look of your vehicle without going through the trouble of physically painting it, then you are most likely a user of car wraps.

Car wraps are a great trend for advertising your business or putting a radical new color on your car, hassle free. The question now lies in how to take care of said wrap.

Can you wash your vehicle like normal? What materials should you use? What would damage your wrap?

All of these questions are very important because we know that you want to be able to maintain your wrapped car for as long as possible. Here are some of our tips for keeping your wrap looking like new.

Washing Your Wrapped Vehicle

Yes, this is going to be a different process from the usual soap and scrub method for washing your standard car. However, by making these small investments in specific items, you can successfully clean your car without damaging the beautiful wrap job.

In order to scrub any dirt and grime off of your wrapped vehicle, invest in a clean soft sponge, cloth, or microfiber towel. As far as the actual wash products go, we recommend 3M Car Wash Soap 39000 or Deep Crystal Car Wash. Really, any quality car wash sop will work fine, and your wrap job should hold up as long as you have the proper scrubbing sponges.

After washing, simply rinse your vehicle and dry it off with your clean microfiber cloth.

What to Avoid on Your Vehicle WrapAvoid Standard Sponges

As far as sponges go, we strongly suggest that you avoid using car wash brushes because they trap dirt and rocks in their teeth and can cause scratching on your wrap. Sometimes, these scratches can even extend to damage on your paint job.

As a matter of fact, we suggest avoiding commercial car washes altogether. The high pressure of soap and water combined with the brushes used in the car wash process do not combine well with your vinyl wrap.

What About Wax?

We advise that you refrain from applying any carnauba-based wax or any other type of polish on your vinyl wrap. These types of products will sink into your wrap job and result in the quick deterioration of your vinyl film.

Any Questions? Ask SkinzWraps!

If your vehicle has just undergone a wrap job and you are concerned about the steps you need to take to preserve its beauty, give us a call today. Our wrap experts will be happy to walk you through the do’s and don’ts of vinyl wrap maintenance.

Don’t let your vehicle’s beauty be tainted by lack of knowledge for the craft. Call us today and find out what you need to do to maintain your wrap job.