Signs That You Got a Low Quality Car Wrap

Bad Car Wrap Peel and Bubble

When buying something the saying always goes that you get what you pay for. This is especially true when it comes to work that is done on your car. You wouldn’t want a half-baked mechanic job done on your vehicle, so why would you consider settling for a poorly done car wrap job.

If you have recently gotten a car wrap and are concerned about how well it is going to stay on, here are five of the top ways to tell that your car wrap is something that ends up being more of an eyesore than a head turner.

Peeling Edges Of Car Wrap

If you went to a standard car wrapping company, then you most likely had 3M Primer 94 applied to your vehicle to ensure that the edges of the wrap wouldn’t begin to lift off. This can be problematic because the primer can damage the clear coat of your wrap when it is removed and starts peeling. The residue from the primer is extremely hard to get off. Your professional car wrap company would have been better off making sure that they had used heat to apply your wrap at the manufacturer’s recommended temperature.

Car Wrap Bubbling

Bubbling with car wraps is one of the most common issues with the product. This doesn’t become apparent during installation but becomes noticeable in the coming days or weeks after the job has been completed. This issue is very frustrating but could be caused by several issues, all of which point back to the company that installed your car wrap. Some of the ways that vinyl bubbling and lifting occur include:

  • Poor installation techniques
  • Wrong choice of material/wrong combination of vinyl and laminate
  • Skipping the post-heating process
  • Over-stretching the vinyl

All of these are issues that can easily be avoided if you put your car’s wrap job in the hands of a car wrap professional.

Wrinkles in the Wrap and Trimming

In order for your car wrap to look great, the installer must make sure that the edges are squeegeed flat. This helps to prevent any wrinkles in the wrap job.

Also, once the vinyl is installed, the final trimming of the vinyl is what is going to make or break the car as far as wrinkles, bubbling and more. The final trimming is a huge piece of the wrap puzzle because it determines whether or not your car looks professional, or just covered with a very large sticker.

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