SkinzWraps, Inc.,  a founding father and recognized vanguard of the vehicle wrap industry, acknowledges the existence of an R&D program to develop a chrome vinyl that meets the SkinzWraps Standard™ for usability.
As CEO of the first company to scale several major innovative mountains in the vehicle wrap industry, Peter C. Salaverry organized a team to take on a project analogous to a “K2” or “Everest” type-climb.
The assent began by tracking down the source of the famous chrome Mercedes McLaren SLR (Dubai, circa 2008). In a parallel process, SkinzWraps began cross-indexing historical references, leading it (as was the case with FastSkinz™ films) to NASA.
In the 1950s, NASA produced a series of coated plastics misted with metals to create a reflective, foil-like effect on any material to which it was applied. Pursuant to congressional mandate (Public Law 90-480), NASA shared its successful adaptations of this technology, which is still used today in food packaging, survival equipment known as the “Space Blanket,” aerospace and now vehicle wrap material.

Gen 1-Gen 3 Developments:

With the research completed and the story behind the chrome Mercedes SLR identified, SkinzWraps imported its first test rolls from the Middle East. Using one of its many proprietary tradecraft processes, SkinzWraps modified the material, known as “Gen 1,” and installed it on the first vehicle (a Le Mans Prototype) for a client with an affinity for the finish metal.

While Gen 1 was workable, it failed to meet the SkinzWraps Standard™ for usability, so SkinzWraps began to develop “Gen 2.” During Gen 2 development, SkinzWraps discussed with senior members of the new material development team at Avery Dennison, a SkinzWraps strategic vendor. The tremendous level of mutual trust and respect between the two companies served as the foundation for confidential conversations regarding production and marketability of the chrome film.

After months of comparison testing, SkinzWraps concluded that Avery Dennison supplied material superior in quality to others in the industry. Its prototype material was internally classed as “Gen 3” and complex installation trials began in December of 2011. In January of 2012, SkinzWraps successfully wrapped a new Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge Car for Ferrari Fort Lauderdale and a new 2012 911 Porsche GT RS for one of its long-time racing clients, Shane Fox of Mumbilla Racing. Six months into its field trials (hard racing), the well-tested material now meets all of SkinzWraps’ standards.

Official Warning/PSA:

It is important that the public and other vehicle wrap companies realize that this type of material should not be applied to consumer vehicles or other vehicles used on public roadways. With 5x greater reflection than polished aluminum, the material can cause ‘flash blindness’ in oncoming drivers. Flash blindness is a phenomenon most commonly experienced by welders.

“I authorized the disclosure of this R&D project today because the vinyl we call ‘liquid chrome‘ is now arriving into the market space. I want to ensure that the material will not affect driving safety on public roads,” says Peter C. Salaverry, CEO of SkinzWraps. He adds: “On the way up the mountain, we discovered the dangers of the material. As we walk down the other side, we are now focused on its safe applications — confident that, even with this disclosure, we are years ahead of our competitors. I believe that we can monetize and scale this pioneering work in the near future, to directly benefit our shareholders.”

About SkinzWraps, Inc.:

As the premier innovator of the vehicle wrap industry, SkinzWraps, Inc. has spent a decade perfecting our craft as a full-service vehicle wrap company. Since 2001, our in-house team of marketers, designers, and installers has operated entirely in-sync; spending meticulous hours calculating, developing, and enhancing the desires of the market, as well as each individual client. This dedication to superior craftsmanship allows SkinzWraps to directly handle every aspect of the vehicle wrap process to create a finished product that is second to none. SkinzWraps has wrapped over 7500 vehicles, using the best products available to the industry including Avery Dennison’s 1005 EZ Apply RS, and the Epson GS6000 Printer.

Forward-Looking Statements Disclosure:

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