SkinzWraps Got Dizzi This Summer With A Trailer Wrap!

DizziBrands Trailer Wrap

No Dallas resident can deny that it’s been one of the hottest summers to date. Fortunately, for the team at SkinzWraps, Inc. we had the opportunity to work with a company that is dedicated to keeping its patrons cool during their hours of operations.

We’ve put together a large, gorgeous trailer wrap for the local spiked ice-cream company, DizziBrands. Come with us and find out more about this tipsy trailer and why we loved every minute of the work we performed on it.

About DizziBrands

Do you like ice cream? Do you like alcohol? How about a mix of both?! At DizziBrands, they understand that just because we grow up, doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy the treats of our childhoods with an adult twist.

According to their site, DizziBrands crafts premium small-batched lickable liquors in the forms of:

  • Ice Cream
  • Sorbets
  • Cupcakes
  • Frozen Pops
  • Brownies
  • Gummies, and 
  • Gelatin Shots

All of their flavors are inspired by expert mixologists, so it’s no surprise that their adult treats are so sought after in the Dallas area.

How SkinzWraps, Inc. Brought the Bad and Boozy!

With such a hip brand on our hands, we knew that we had to bring a trailer wrap design that was simple, yet loud enough for audiences to be interested in it.

We started by looking at the colors represented by the company itself. Their primary colors were navy blue and white. While this is something we definitely ran with, we also thought to take advantage of their colorful imagery boasted on their social media and product pages. When you see the DizziBrands trailer drive by, you’ll also get a closer look at the vibrant products they offer from their Dallas location

Finally, what would a DizziBrands vehicle wrap be without their trademark logo and “Liq Me” slogan?! We made these aspects of the wrap stand out and positioned them strategically. This was done so when the eye notices them, customers also see how to follow DizziBrands on social media and how to contact them for catering.

Go Beyond Standard Advertising with SkinzWraps, Inc.

If you’re a local business that needs to get the word out to an audience, why settle for a boring billboard? Be your own traveling advertisement with a vehicle wrap from SkinzWraps, Inc. Our wrap technicians can help you create a design that turns heads and brings people through your doors. Get in touch with us today to get the process started.