SkinzWraps Inc. Shows Our Love for Animals Through a Wild Vehicle Wrap

AIR Trailer 1

Everyone has a soft spot for dogs and cats, and the owners of SkinzWraps Inc. are no exception. Recently, we had the pleasure of teaming up with the team with Animal Investigation and Response to help them create the ultimate vehicle wrap design for their response team trailer.

We were very excited to work with Animal Investigation and Response after they were referred to SkinzWraps by DFW Rescue Me. Once we met with these animal lovers, we got their logo and got straight to creating a concept that would not only look great but show what this response team is all about for the community.

More About Animal Investigation and Response (AIR)

Simply put, AIR is a local rescue group for dogs. This emergency group is not a solitary rescue group, but is a joint effort staffed by people, volunteers, and employees from other rescue groups.

If there is a natural disaster like a tornado, or something like Houston with the Hurricane, they will go down to these locations and rescue dogs.

According to their site, not only do they rescue dogs from natural disasters, but they also assist law enforcement, animal control agencies and communities with issues that are related to animal abuse. Some of these issues include:

  • Puppy mills
  • Animal hoarding
  • Animal cruelty reports

The team includes certified Emergency Responders who function under ICS, national and state protocols in regard to natural disaster relief. With such huge ambition, it is no wonder that they have a vinyl vehicle wrap that is larger than life.

The trailer that we wrapped for AIR is completely remarkable. Not only is it used as a giant kennel, but it has living quarters for the volunteers as well as a giant space for the animals.

Whether they find them on the streets or are taking them from shelters, rescuing the beloved animals of Fort Worth is what they do, and SkinzWraps Inc. is proud to have been able to represent their values through our exclusive wrap.

Our Vehicle Wrap Design

When we took on this job, we knew that showing off their brand message in the clearest way possible was the best approach. That is why we used a large picture of a prairie storm on the vehicle wrap and mixed in with a photograph of displaced animals. The opposite end of the trailer displays the words, “Defending Animal Dignity.” Both of these messages are subtle yet make the goal of this organization instantly recognizable.

If that wasn’t enough, then their excellent logo that combines a puppy paw with a law enforcement badge should say the rest. This vehicle was a massive undertaking, but we are extremely proud of how it turned out and are eager to see it in action on the Fort Worth streets.

Let SKinzWraps Show Off Your Message

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