Top Spring Color Trends to Consider for Your Next Car Wrap

Vinyl wrapped cars are gaining in popularity.  Not just for advertising anymore, these wraps can change the color of your vehicle without painting.  2020 has color trends expanding. Whether you are wrapping your car for promotional purposes or to change the color of your car, you will want to know what’s hot right now.

Currently, here are a few trends… matte black, galaxy black, textures, and metallics are rising in popularity for the spring.

Matte Black Car Wrap BMW

Matte Black Car Wrap

Matte Black as a total car wrap or as an enhancement to a two-tone wrap is gaining in popularity. Black has always been one of the most prevalent car colors; customers see black as elegant and sleek. Matte black car wraps take elegant to a new level, exotic.  Matte Black is also gaining popularity with motorcycles.

Black Galaxy Car Wrap

Galaxy Black gives your vehicle the darkness of deep space while adding the flickers of light in the Milky Way. Whether used as a whole vehicle wrap or used on the interior of a car, the Galaxy Black adds a glitz that you don’t see in your typical automotive paint.

Carbon Fiber matte black car wrap

Textured Car Wrap

Textured car wraps, like carbon fiber wraps, add a touch of chic and style to any vehicle. Texture adds something extraordinary to any vehicle, a totally custom look.  It makes a car unique; it makes a car memorable. Textures like carbon fiber, shadow, and brushed metals create a look that will stand out above all others.

Metallic blue car wrap for Maserati

Metallic Car Wrap

Metallic car wraps are available in many colors.  Gloss, matte and satin metallics are all options. Made with metallic flake, the metallic car wrap is used for a full-auto wrap or can be applied to your car’s hood, roof, trunk, mirrors, etc. No matter how you use it on your vehicle, it will make a vivid statement.

These are just a few car wraps we are seeing as popular going into the spring in Dallas, but the options for car-wrapping is very extensive, including colors, textures, patterns, metals. The list is broad. The reasons for car-wrapping are just as long. You can think of it as a temporary change, like a hair color or henna tattoo. Or, it can be a more permanent change to your car’s paint color. SkinzWraps, Inc. can give your car the color you have dreamed of, and if you change your mind, we can change the color again. See what is hot for this spring, then wrap your car or truck in something unique at SkinzWraps, Inc. Contact us today for more information.