Top Tips for Selecting the Right Car Wrap Company

Custom car wrap

Even though a car wrap is substantially less expensive than a new paint job, it’s still a semi-permanent investment for your vehicle. A car wrap isn’t something you want to try to DIY or trust in the hands of an inexperienced shop.

Make sure that your next vinyl is wrapped by a professional who knows wrap placement and maintenance from the inside, out! Here are some tips for selecting the right car wrap company for your ride!

Does The Company Do It All?

A company with the experience of placing vinyl on more than just cars is one that is most likely a master of their art. At our wrapping shop we are confident in the services we offer our customers because we know that no matter the challenge, our team has it covered.

We’ve had the privilege of wrapping full trailers for businesses, boats, trucks, RVs, even lamp posts! Wrapping is our passion and going with a company that doesn’t “do it all” only means you’re settling for second best.

What Materials Do They Use?

Not all vinyl is created equal. A cheap brand may look great at the start, but over time may not be able to protect itself from natural elements or the wear that you put on your vehicle. So, you want to work with a company that knows their vinyl and how it will hold up in your environment.

We only work with the best vinyl wraps, carbon fiber wraps, and matte wraps for the vehicles we give a facelift. Trust us to help your vehicle turn heads with top-quality materials that will last with recommended maintenance.

Examine Their Past Work

If a wrap company has little to no examples of their past work, move along! There’s literally nothing to see there! Ask for your wrap company’s examples of the work that you’re looking for. From business wraps to detailed designs, past work should always give you an idea of the quality you’ll get from a company.

We understand how important a vehicle wrap is to a potential customer, and that’s why we proudly display examples of our work across our entire website!

Need a fleet wrapped? We have examples! Wrapping a boat for the summer? Come see what we’ve accomplished in the past!

The past repeats itself, so when shopping for a vinyl wrap, make sure that your company is one that will repeat with pride and leave your vehicle looking fresh!

Make the Right Wrap Choice With SkinzWraps, Inc.

If you want your car or truck to have a new look as we head out of the summer, head down to SkinzWraps, Inc. to meet true craftsmen of the industry. We have the experience and materials to ensure that your wrap looks great and stays on for as long as you need it. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and get your next design started.