Valentine’s Day Car Wraps Ideas That Show You Care

Glittery pink car wraps in Dallas, Texas

The big day of love is rolling up the street, and one should always be prepared for Valentine’s Day with a great gift. Why settle for the old fashioned card and chocolates when you can show your love with a detailed car wrap from SkinzWraps, Inc?


In case you’re at a loss for what to get your significant other this year, our wrap experts have a few designs and ideas that could keep you out of the dog house this Valentine’s Day.

Give Your Love a Car Wrap in “Their” Color

The science of color and people’s personalities is a very cool topic. While leading up to Valentine’s Day this year, take some time to discover more about your date’s favorite colors and how they coincide with the person’s personality.


Using their colors combined with a car wrap design that represents their fierce and fun personality will quickly show your loved one that they are at the top of your mind. Let us help you score some big points this season!

Got an Announcement to Make? Wrap it Up!

It isn’t that cliche! Proposing or asking for a relationship commitment is at the top of many Valentine’s Day lover’s lists. Why not make the proposal even more special than it already is? With a custom wrap that says your message and the help of a close friend, you and your date could casually be enjoying the night, when their ride pulls up just in time for you to pop the question!

Don’t Forget to Give Your Business Some Love

Do you have a fleet of vehicles for your business? If so, now is the perfect time to get on board the mobile vehicle advertising bandwagon and use a personal design to get your brand noticed this holiday!


Couples will be out in droves, the night of Valentine’s Day, so you should take advantage of the crowds and spend the evening driving through downtown streets or past popular romantic destinations. Make this Valentine’s Day count for your Dallas business this year by attracting new customers with your holiday-themed advertisement.

Find a Car Wrap for Any Season with SkinzWraps, Inc.

At SkinzWraps, Inc. our job is to make your vehicle look its best. With our help, you can have the color, design, and aesthetic your car needs in order to become a street-wide envy. Our expert wrappers are ready to give your ride a much-needed makeover.


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