Vinyl Wrap Essentials for Law Enforcement

Vinyl Wrap For Law Enforcement

SkinzWraps, Inc. is a Dallas business that strongly supports our local police departments and the efforts they make to keep our city safe. That’s why we think it’s amazing when our industry helps out friends in blue when they need a custom wrap for their law enforcement vehicles.

A fleet vehicle wrap for law enforcement isn’t as cut and dry as it may seem to the average consumer. Sometimes an officer needs to blend into their surroundings, or maybe their department has specific colors. No matter the need, there is a wrap to make it happen. Check out some of these essentials that we follow when it comes to wrapping a law enforcement vehicle.

High Contrast Graphics

Most law enforcement vehicles can be seen from quite a distance. This is usually because the wraps used on these vehicles contain graphics that are high in contrast. This means that a vehicle will now convey instant authority and recognition when spotted on the streets. This not only allows pedestrians to quickly spot a police car on the road but also serves as a natural crime deterrent when these vehicles are recognized.

Ghost Graphics

Sometimes a law enforcement vehicle needs to travel in stealth. Ghost Graphics are typically used on law enforcement vehicles to catch speeders and traffic offenders. They present the benefits of an unmarked vehicle, while also meeting all legal visible requirements when up close and personal.

A qualified vehicle wrap technician can install Ghost Graphics on vehicles that required low visibility in public. These types of graphics will have colors that closely match the color of the body of the vehicle.

Weather Resistant Vinyl Wrap

The law is on duty rain or shine, and that’s why the vehicles that officers operate must also be ready for any weather conditions that may arise. That’s why there is an option in our industry for a premium cast vinyl that is durable and weather resistant. With this type of vinyl wrap, not only will your vehicle remain protected, but the quality won’t be sacrificed. Even with weather resistance, your vehicle will still have the essential graphics and required fleet markings on full display at all times.

Create Custom Vinyl Wraps with SkinzWraps, Inc.

Whether you need a fleet wrapped or own a local food truck that needs an eye-catching design, SkinzWraps, Inc. has the experience to make your vision a reality. Our professionals will gladly walk you through the process from start to finish and ensure that your vehicle hits the streets in style. Contact us today to find out how to make your vehicle as unique as possible!