5 Questions Answered About Vinyl Wraps and Your Boat

Vinyl Wraps and Your Boat

The sun has finally begun to peek through the clouds and winter is officially out of the seasonal picture. This means it is time to break the boat out of storage and hit the local Texas lakes for some spring and summer fun.

Before you hit the waves, make sure that your boat is looking its best. Don’t waste your spending money on a new paint job, work with a vinyl wrap company that can have your boat looking the way that you want it to, based on your own specific design.

1. Will a Vinyl Wrap on My Boat Lift?

A vinyl wrap that is applied by a professional wrap company should not have the problem of lifting or peeling. Know who is wrapping your boat. A reputable business will have a warranty and will ensure that they will fix your wrap should something go wrong during the window of the warranty.

2. How Does a Vinyl Boat Wrap Compare in Cost to a Car Wrap?

The size of your boat is really where the difference in price comes into play. Most cars come at a standard rate based on their size. However, either way you look at it, the cost of a boat wrap, large or small is going to be at least a third of the price of a paint job. Plus, with vinyl wraps, your design is limited to the lengths of your imagination. This is more of a complex situation with paint jobs.

3. How Should I Clean My Boat Wrap?

Caring for your boat wrap and washing a wrap is actually quite simple. Spot clean your vinyl wraps with rubbing alcohol and rinse with cool water after cleaning.

Wipe your wrap down with a towel or paper towel, and avoid wiping when it is hot, because this can distort and wrinkle your vinyl wrap.

4. Is My Wrap Reversible?

The beauty of vinyl wraps is that they are 100 percent reversible. If you aren’t satisfied with your wrap job, or decide in the near future that you want a different color or design, your local wrap specialist can help make your changes a reality.

5. Will My Boat Wrap Fade in the Water?

Not to worry, your vinyl boat wrap will be more fade-resistant than a paint job would be. However, the color of your wrap should also be taken into account. A solid color has more fade-resistance than metallic or combined color designs. Talk with your wrap specialist to ensure that you get the most out of your wrap.

SkinzWraps Inc. Will Wrap Your Boat Right for the Spring

If you are eager to make waves this spring, do it in style. Let SkinzWraps Inc. get our vinyl wraps around your boat. We have been wrapping Dallas’ vehicles for years and have the experience and skills to get your boat wrapped right. Get in touch with us today to find out more information about how we can customize your boat wrap for you.