5 Secrets to a Perfect Car Wrap

Car Wrap Secrets

Every car wrap company claims to be able to give you the perfect vehicle wrap job. However, a flashy advertisement and a few impressive wrap pictures should not be enough to convince you to give them your business.

The perfect car wrap requires a set of skills and attention to detail that not everyone can pull off. Here are five secrets to a perfect car wrap that SkinzWraps, Inc. has perfected over the years.

1. Go Somewhere With a Great Facility

Having an amazing facility to work on vinyl wraps is important for any car wrapping company. When you are looking for the right wrap company to get your job done, make sure that they have a facility that represents their success.

If they are in an indoor facility, check that:

  • The installation area is dust-free
  • The facility is at the right temperature to work with vinyl

If your installer says their car wrap station is outside, give it a hard pass, because you are then on the road to dust exposure and other wrap mistakes that can ruin your car wrap job.

2. Make Sure Your Car Wrap is Made From Great Material

Not all car wrap material is created equal. If you want the perfect job done, the secret is to use material that not only looks great but will endure through weather and every day driving trips. Sure, wrap care is always something to look out for, but a great car wrap starts with great material.

Seek out installers that use:

3. Emphasis on Design is Key!

Working with a car wrap installer that knows how to work with different vehicle types and the design that goes into them is very important.

Pulling off the perfect vinyl wrap is so much more than reaching for a template that can be used on all different types of vehicles. Wrap design is an art that an installer must learn in order to perfectly wrap every curve and edge of your car.

4. Make Sure Your Wrapper Prepares Your Vehicle

Vehicle preparation is a key step in the wrapping business that many companies tend to overlook because it is such a time-consuming and detailed step.

During this part of the process, your installer needs to scour every centimeter of your vehicle in order to ensure that the vehicle is clean and wax-free for the installation.

5. Find an Experienced Wrap Company

Remember, wrap installation is not simply putting a sticker over your paint job. It is a process that takes years and training to perfect. Do your company research before selecting a car wrap company to put a lasting mark on your property.

SkinzWraps Knows Every Secret to the Perfect Car Wrap

If you want the perfect wrap job that makes your car stand out from the crowd, SkinzWraps, Inc. has the skills and experience to do so. We use the best materials for our wraps and know how to properly handle your vehicle’s wrap job. Contact us today to schedule your car’s makeover.