Preparing for a Successful Vehicle Wrap

Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Prepping

Getting your personal car wrapped is much more than dropping your car off at a shop and waiting for a sticker to be placed. There is plenty of work that goes into the creation of your wrap design, and there is some preparation that you need to be doing before the day of your project.

1. It All Starts Online

Even though your car has specific dimensions that need to be taken into place when examining it from a real-world perspective, your initial car wrap design will be created at 1/20th scale on a computer based on our art guidelines. The digital files, however, will be quite large. The entire proofing process is completed online and once every tweak and change has been completed, and the proofing is finalized, then the large digital files are printed on 3M vinyl and laminated.

The type of vinyl that your wrap is printed on is important because it allows the material to be pliable and able to be moved around until the car is looking just right.

2. Prepare Your Vehicle the Day Before

You want to make sure that directly before your vinyl wrap is applied to your vehicle, that it is as clean as possible. If your car is clean the vinyl wrap will adhere properly to the vehicle. This means that you must make sure that your vehicle’s exterior is completely dry and is cleaned with a non-wax cleaner before installation begins.

Ensuring that your vehicle is clean also saves time when the installation crew arrives and has to further prep your vehicle.

3. Have Your Day Planned Out

Your vehicle wrap is not going to be some stick-on job that is done in an hour or less. A typical installation can take between 7 and 9 hours, depending on the size of the vehicle and the complexity of the wrap. Larger vehicles can take up to 2 days for completion. Therefore, having your time planned out and another vehicle on-hand is a great idea. You are already going to be excited enough to get your vinyl vehicle wrap, you don’t want to add to the tension by not having anything to take your mind off of how cool your car is about to look.

4. Be Prepared for Things to Be Removed

Working vinyl around a car mirror and molding can add an extra amount of time that could easily be avoided. If you want to cut down some of the labor on your vehicle wrap, you could have your mirrors already removed on your vehicle. Mirror removal takes less than five minutes, and then you don’t have to be concerned with how your vehicle wrap is going to turn out.

Speaking of removals, you want to ensure that any bugs, scratches, and rock chips are removed from your vehicle before your wrap date is finalized. Remember, your vinyl wrap is going to be like a new paint job, everything is going to show up during the final product.

SkinzWraps will Help You Get Prepared for Your Vinyl Wrap

If you have any further questions regarding how to prepare for your vinyl vehicle wrap, the team at SkinzWraps is available to help. Get in touch with us today to start planning your next vehicle wrap and how we can make your ride look top-notch in no time.