SkinzWraps, Inc. Wraps Mobile Business, Bullzerk

Bullzerk business vehicle wrap

Aside from making our customer’s vehicles look like the car of their dreams, SkinzWraps, Inc. loves to give back and get down with our community. One of the ways that we do this is by taking commissioned wraps for local businesses that can benefit heavily from our services.

In the past, we have worked on wraps for Bahama Buck’s and Animal Investigation and Response. This time around, we focused on our Dallas pride and created a custom wrap for Bullzerk’s ‘rolling retail store.’

How We Wrapped Bullzerk!

Bullzerk as a brand is fun and innovative. So, when they approached us with the idea to wrap their innovative store on wheels, we just couldn’t say no! Bullzerk’s Rolling Retail Store was a wrap job that we knew had to stay true to the personality of the store itself.

When thinking of Texas, colors of the West usually come to mind, so we took advantage of that and thought to create a design that utilized inviting colors for their trailer. Brown and beige seem to represent the decorative trend in popular areas like Deep Ellum and the Stockyards. This ended up being a great way to wrap this trailer and invite people in to buy the colorful items inside.

One of the benefits of this specific wrap job for Bullzerk is that their brand name is on nearly every end of the trailer, including the front!

What is Bullzerk?

Bullzerk is a retail business that is the epitome of Texas and Dallas pride. The brainchild of Dan and Kari Bradley, this business creates Dallas pride in the form of snappy tees and coasters. Although the business started out small with one location, they are now the number one gift shop in the DFW area. According to Bullzerk’s website, the company exists to give the Dallas community swag that allows them to display their city love in a humorous and fun way.

The Bradley’s and SkinzWraps, Inc. both invite you to seek out their rolling retail store. Here, you can get a good look at the tasteful design that we created while also stocking up on:

  • Hats
  • T-Shirts
  • Koozies,
  • Coasters, and More!

How Can a Vinyl Wrap Make Your Business Boom?

Vinyl wraps for business vehicles or fleets provide several marketing opportunities that have proven successful for the businesses that use them.

Vinyl wraps are not just a great way to get your brand name out in a flashy manner. Some benefits to marketing with vinyl wraps include:

  • Extra style when announcing product launches,
  • You can host simultaneous events with a fleet of wrapped vehicles,
  • Vinyl wraps are affordable! Spend your money on the other areas of your business!

Let SkinzWraps, Inc. Wrap You in Success!

If you are a local business and the idea of wrapping your vehicle or trailer sounds like a promising way to boost revenue, we are on your side! SkinzWraps, inc. has the experience and team to get your wrap done with zero error and 100 percent satisfaction. Contact us today to find out more about our services.