3 Successful Design Tips for Your Food Truck Vehicle Wrap

Food Truck Vehicle Wrap

Put yourself in the place of a new food truck proprietor. You have the perfect menu, the perfect spot lined up, and staff prepared to make your dishes on-demand. However, your truck doesn’t seem to be pulling in the crowds that you desire.

We know the answer to your problem. Your food truck is all flavor on the inside, and bland where attractiveness counts. It may be time to get your truck scheduled for a vehicle wrap with SkinzWraps Inc.

However, before starting the process, here are a few tips that will help us make your vinyl wrap a success!

1. Get a Color Scheme that Fits

There are several benefits to getting a vinyl wrap for your food truck, but one shines above them all. The color of your vinyl wrap is the foundation to your food truck’s character. Luckily, with a wrap, you don’t have to worry about sticking with a paint job that is there forever.

However, it is important that your color scheme throws off the vibes that you desire. Are you a home cooking food truck that wants the feel of the 1950’s for your diners? Then go with a baby blue, or light pink color. These are merely suggestions, but remember, any color that you think best represents your brand is a great idea. Nobody knows your business better than you do.

2. Make Sure Your Logo is on the Vehicle Wrap

You want your logo to be visible on your vehicle. That is very important. What is also important is that you don’t overload your vehicle with information.

A review of some simple do’s and don’ts of car wrapping can easily tell you that you don’t want to crowd your food truck with too many quotes, phone numbers, and web addresses.

We suggest keeping it simple when it comes to creating a logo for your brand. A great example of a logo that both entertains and gets the message across for the business can be seen in our recent trailer wrap work with Animal Investigation and Response.

3. Think About Your Menu

This is probably one of the coolest parts about investing in a vehicle wrap for your food truck. No longer do you have to worry about taking out the white board, writing up the menu, and making sure everything is on there correct.

With a vinyl wrap on your food truck, you can have the menu on there as long as the wrap is present. Your menu staples will most likely remain, so why not add them as a permanent menu on your wrap?! If things change, luckily, a wrap is easy to change with!

SkinzWraps Inc. Handles Vehicle Wrap Jobs for Food Trucks of All Sizes

If you are the owner of a food truck and are looking for a face lift that is better than paint, then we are the company you need to be talking to.  Get in touch with us today and let us help you design the food truck of your dreams. We will help make sure that your audience keeps coming back for more.