Carbon Fiber Wraps

Carbon Fiber Wraps

Carbon fiber wraps add style, elegance, and class to virtually any car or truck, and they’re a popular option for clients of Skinzwraps. Customers come to us because they know our talented team is the best at what they do in the design and installation of amazing custom vehicle wraps.

Skinzwraps works with just about any color imaginable with our vehicle wraps in Dallas, but time and time again, we get requests for the carbon fiber look. And it’s no wonder since the wrap is ideal for any make and model.

What’s Carbon Fiber? And Why Do I Want a Wrap?

Automobile enthusiasts and a variety of other groups use carbon fiber because it’s a lightweight material. For projects like race cars, carbon fiber reduces the overall vehicle weight, which translates into a faster car. Carbon fiber is also incredibly strong, which boosts its value even more as a lightweight material that won’t buckle under the pressure of a race car.

However, buying actual carbon fiber panels isn’t always appropriate for a vehicle that’s not an actual race car or that won’t be participating in local racing events at the track. That’s where our custom car wraps come into play. Maybe you bought a carbon fiber hood, but you want the rest of your car wrapped to match.

Whether you’re driving a Ferrari or Scion, a carbon fiber vehicle wrap will make the car look amazing, particularly when it’s not practical to replace the entire shell with actual carbon fiber! As an element that’s purely for looks, a carbon fiber wrap is the easiest way to boost the visual appeal of your vehicle.

A Carbon Fiber Car Wrap from Skinzwraps is…

  • A great way to protect your vehicle’s paint job.
  • An instant boost to your car’s appearance.
  • The easiest way to get that carbon fiber look without actual carbon fiber.
  • Appropriate for any vehicle whether it’s budget or luxury.

Sometimes our clients arrange for car wrapping because they want to advertise something. For those clients seeking the carbon fiber vinyl look, the reason is usually to greatly enhance the appearance of the vehicle in a non-permanent way.

Imagine you’re leasing a Mercedes, but the color you leased is champagne or white, and you want the sleek carbon fiber look. Our custom car wraps are ideal because they allow you to transform the look of your vehicle, protect the car while it’s in your possession, and return it to your dealership in a few years with a flawless paint job after we remove the wrap at the end of your lease.

Get Your Carbon Fiber Wrap from Skinzwraps

We’re proud of our team of artists and installers for their dedication to creating the most incredible custom car graphics, and we’d love to talk about your project. Get in touch to see how a carbon fiber wrap can make your car or truck look amazing whether it’s a roaring GT-R, a workhorse F-150, or the family’s Honda Accord.

Color Changing Wraps

The Benefits Of A Color Changing Wrap

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your vehicle is to change its color, but painting your car is a permanent process that you can’t “take back” very easily if you decide you want your old color back. A color changing wrap might be exactly what you need to totally transform your vehicle.

If you’ve been on the road in Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas, or Miami, you may have seen one of our incredible color changing wraps on the road. SkinzWraps, Inc. is an industry leader in vinyl vehicle wrap technology and innovation. Read on to discover how our large variety of car wrap colors could change the way you feel about your vehicle.


Matte Black Truck WrapJeep Cherokee Color Change Wrap Vinyl Graphics Color Change on a BMW Color Change Wrap in Dallas, TX


Its Paint is Faded, But You Still Love Your Car 

Even if you love your car and take care of it, its appearance can feel a little worn out after a few years. Maybe the gorgeous cerulean blue of your Mazda 3 isn’t so bright anymore. Perhaps you’re tired of the color white and want to change the appearance of your Passat. A vehicle color changing wrap can make your car feel new again, and you won’t even need to hang one of those little car-shaped air fresheners from the rearview mirror.

Just because there are a thousand other Toyota Camrys on the freeways of Los Angeles doesn’t mean you’re destined to blend into the crowd with yours. Even if there are countless Ford Fusions on the road with you in Dallas, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to make everyone jealous of your ride.

Variety of Car Wrap Colors: Limitless Options and Creativity

Vehicle enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes from those who do driveway engine swaps to drivers who let the mechanics do the work under the hood. A color changing wrap is an awesome way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle whether you work on your car every weekend, or you just take it in every 3,000 miles for an oil change.

One of the biggest appeals of a vehicle wrap color change is that it can give your car or truck a completely different look, but you can go back to your old car color at any time with straightforward wrap removal. Further, a wrap will protect the exterior of your car, which is why many vehicle owners get their car wrapped right after driving it off the lot from the dealership.

Other Reasons You Might Want a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

Never deal with paint matching. If you have an accident and get some bodywork done, matching the paint is almost impossible because new paint will never look exactly like the slightly faded paint on the rest of your car. A vehicle wrap is an ideal way to bypass the hassles of paint matching.

Protect your car for resale. A car with a faded paint job won’t sell for as much as a car with a new paint job, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to get your car painted right before you sell it. Protect your paint with a vinyl car wrap and remove it right before you sell to reveal flawless and protected paint.

Our Most Popular Car Wrap Colors

As we’ve refined and improve our vinyl wrapping process, we’ve seen some finishes and colors rise to the top as far as popularity is concerned. One of the most striking is the matte black car wrap (which resembles a flat black paint job). Cars are virtually always covered in glossy paint, so the matte look is an amazing enhancement for any vehicle.

Other Popular Color Change Car Wraps We Offer Include:

Are you excited to change the color of your car with a vinyl wrap? Contact us to learn more about how a vehicle color changing wrap can create something visually exciting out of your car or truck.

Matte Black Wraps

SkinzWraps takes its premier vehicle wrap vinyl and pigments it jet black at the manufacturing level. Then we laminate this custom roll of material with our best vehicle wrap lamination. The result is a flawless matte (flat) black we call SkinzWraps Stealth Black.

Stormtrooper White Wraps

Stormtrooper White Vehicle Wrap

For that ultra slick, understated custom look, the Stormtrooper White is the perfect approach to wrapping your vehicle. This specialty film is sleek and strong and gives you that high-end look.

Mobile Billboard Advertising Wrap

Vehicle Wraps Make For Great Mobile Billboard Advertising

We’re bombarded with advertisements each time we leave our houses, so it takes some creativity to make people notice a billboard or an advertisement. If you’re searching for a dynamic option for marketing your company’s products, you’ll want to think about getting mobile billboards designed by SkinzWraps.

From local, niche advertising to mainstream publicity, mobile billboard advertising is appropriate for any vehicle from a recumbent bicycle with a trailer to a full-size truck and a massive sign.  Get your advertising in front of the eyes of your customers by bringing the advertising to them with mobile outdoor advertising and car wrapping designed by SkinzWraps.

The Effectiveness of Mobile Billboards

If you’ve ever had a vinyl wrap designed for a fleet vehicle, you know how valuable mobile advertising is as far as its return-on-investment. A mobile outdoor billboard is another effective option because it means you can bring your advertising where the crowds are instead of hoping your stationary billboard is seen by the right people.

Imagine there’s a street fair happening in your city, but the billboards and other advertising opportunities close to the venue are sold out. How do you take advantage of the crowds of people that attend the street fair? You might consider something as simple (and effective) as a promo-bike where someone rides around the street fair with a mobile billboard attached to the back covered in one of our vinyl car wraps.

Mobile billboard advertising is particularly effective as a temporary advertisement or time-sensitive announcement. Maybe you own a bar, and you live in Miami. Catch the eyes of the crowds as they leave the beach with an advertisement about drinks after dark. Or, perhaps you own a bicycle shop. Park a mobile billboard with a vinyl wrap in Dallas along the course of a local triathlon.

Mobile Billboard Advertising from SkinzWraps

Our dedicated graphic designers and installation techs have created some truly stunning mobile ads for clients, and we can work with you, too, on an advertisement that gets the point across in big, bold fashion. Even if someone only sees the billboard for a few seconds, we’ll make sure your message is loud and clear. Good design makes a huge difference in advertising, and we’ll help make sure your mobile billboard is clear and effective.

How Much Do Mobile Billboards Cost?

We’ll share our knowledge of mobile advertising and help you choose the best size advertisement for your needs and budget. Maybe a large-scale mobile billboard set to drive around the city at rush hour is your best bet. Perhaps a smaller mobile billboard that can weave around crowds is the way to go. Let us put our design expertise to work for you with a vivid and memorable mobile billboard.

Billboards along the highway are a great way to get your advertising in front of a lot of eyes, but they also carry a rather hefty price tag. With a mobile billboard from SkinzWraps, you can create a portable and cost-effective solution for targeted advertising. Don’t let an advertising opportunity pass you by without talking with SkinzWraps about our mobile billboard advertising, give us a call today at 214.741.4529

Wall Murals

SkinzWraps™ now offers indoor wall murals and custom wall paper. Our indoor wall murals and custom wall paper are ideal for large indoor wall spaces, where texturing is a consideration. We print our wall murals and custom wallpaper on a wallpaper-like material, specially formulated for our large-format printer. Our wall murals and custom wallpaper is affixed to a wall like traditional wallpaper. This application is ideal for homes, offices and corporate suites – places where the consumer’s creative demands typically exceed the limits of wallpaper. For more information please contact our sales department for assistance.

Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Advertise With Custom  Fleet Wraps & Graphics

Ever see an old delivery truck driving down the road covered in faded graffiti and peeling paint? The company’s name is barely visible, and who knows what’s inside the truck. That’s not the image your company should project with its fleet vehicles. Let SkinzWraps take your vehicle fleet to the next level with custom vinyl fleet wraps.

Fleet Vehicle Wraps from SkinzWraps

Our experienced, professional installation crew works with our talented in-house designers to create Dallas fleet graphics that help your company spread its message and take advantage of branding opportunities in your community. Imagine you’re the owner of a business that delivers fresh vegetables to restaurants around town.

Every time your truck makes a delivery to a local restaurant, your future customers will see that truck and will remember that image and the name of your business because of the vinyl car wrap. You’ll get calls that start with “Hey, I saw one of your trucks making a delivery, and I’m interested in setting up service.” Make it extra-easy for new customers to contact you by featuring your phone number in big, bold letters.

Fleet Wraps: Effective and Affordable Advertising

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small business with a handful of employees, it’s important to design a marketing budget that takes advantage of low-cost advertising that’s also cost-effective. Fleet wraps are an amazing way to improve the appearance of your fleet and advertise all over town every time one of your vehicles makes a delivery with a commercial vehicle wrap.

Visually creative and made of the highest quality, our fleet wraps are designed to last, and they’ll also protect your fleet from the general wear and tear of the road. A billboard advertisementj is static, and it’s going to cost you money every month it’s displayed. A fleet vehicle wrap is something you pay for once, and car graphics help you advertise all over town.

Designing Your Fleet Vehicle Wrap

Even if you don’t feel like you have a shred of creativity within you, our amazing vehicle wrap graphic designers will help you create an amazing visual representation of your company. We can cover the entire truck with colors and graphics that are visible from a mile away, or we can create a vinyl car wrap that’s a little subtler and shows some refined taste.

When we sit down to design your fleet wraps, we’ll take your current logo, trademarks, and other company-specific information and create a wrap that will reflect your business’s persona. Further, we can remove, redesign, and update your fleet at any time. Designing a new logo or rebranding your company is easy with new vinyl wraps for your company fleet.

Advertise to Millions Each Year

In Dallas – as well as in our other cities like Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City – your vinyl fleet wrap will offer millions of advertising opportunities every single year.  During a busy, rush-hour delivery, your fleet vehicle could rack up thousands of views along its route with one of our custom car wraps.

Contact SkinzWraps Today!

If your fleet vehicles could use a cosmetic improvement, and you’re interested in how a custom vinyl fleet wrap could help your business, get in touch with us today. Our vinyl wrap design and installation professionals are here to help you with your new vehicle wrapping for your company’s fleet.

Radio Station Vehicle Wraps

Radio Station Advertising Vehicle Wraps

Virtually every radio station in the country uses vehicle wraps, and they’re an integral part of broadcasting the radio station’s brand in a visual way that goes beyond the airwaves where people need to tune in to learn about the station. SkinzWraps has covered company vehicles for radio stations on every coast and everywhere in between, so we know how to make a statement with your vehicle.

No matter what type of car or truck serves as your radio station mobile advertising, we can design effective radio station vehicle wraps for any or all of your vehicles. You might have a large van you take out for special events and street team promotions and cars that you take to other venues. Our vehicle advertising graphics are ideal for any vehicle your station uses, and we have experienced installing vinyl wraps in Dallas on all makes and models of vehicles.

Mobile Billboard Advertising For Radio Stations

Mobile advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise, and it’s particularly popular with radio stations, as well as television stations and related media. It’s important for radio stations to put a “face to the name,” and Dallas vehicle graphics that feature the headshots of radio DJs help build brand loyalty with listeners.

It’s common for our radio station vehicle wraps to cover the entire vehicle so as to take advantage of as much advertising space as possible. Every side of the vehicle will usually have the station identification number, and it’s common to have the station’s tagline printed on the side or the image of one or a few of the DJs.

Benefits of our vehicle wraps include:

  • It’s easy to change the design with a new wrap when necessary
  • Vinyl vehicle wraps are an awesome way to advertise special events
  • Radio station vehicle wraps help build name recognition
  • Protect company vehicles with our protective vinyl wraps

Our professional graphic designers will help make sure your vehicle advertising is easy to read and that it will take less than a second for a listener to identify the radio station vehicle they’re looking at when the van passes. Although it’s tempting to cover a vehicle with as much information as possible, it’s important to focus on the most important part of the custom car wrap, which is the station ID.

Professional Radio Station Vehicle Wraps

We’ve been in the vinyl wrap business long enough to know that professional work and results are the keys to success. We’ve put together an incredibly talented crew of graphic designers and installation technicians who know their way around virtually any vehicle on the road. Don’t let a fly-by-night wrap service cover your vehicles with substandard car wrapping. Let our experienced crew handle the design and installation of your vinyl wrap in Dallas.

Give us a call today, we’d love to show you what’s possible with our radio station vehicle wraps. Let us update your company trucks with fresh new designs or let us cover your new vehicles with valuable and cost-effective car graphics for radio station advertising. At SkinzWraps, our radio station vehicle wraps are the perfect accompaniment to your street team promotions whether you play golden oldies, modern R&B, or bubblegum pop.

Hummer Wraps

Make A Statement With Hummer Wraps

Driving a Hummer means making a statement whether it’s a sign of your personal style or a vehicle you drive for your business. As one of the most popular vehicles getting wrapped this year, Skinzwraps sees H2 and H3 Hummers come through almost every week for vinyl truck decals and Hummer wraps.

With our unique and custom Hummer wraps, you make a personal statement with your vehicle, and your truck can also serve as a rolling advertisement for your business. Even when a Hummer doesn’t have a wrap, it’s a commanding sight. Adding a custom wrap ensures everyone pays extra attention to your Hummer.

Your Commercial Hummer Wrap

Some businesses choose to represent their brand with common vehicles like crossover SUVs and run-of-the-mill sedans, but that’s not the case with your business. You’ve chosen a Hummer as the vehicular representation of your company, and you want to make sure people know whose truck is passing them on the highway.

Our wrap technology features two essential components: Our incredible team of graphic designers and our talented and experienced crew of installation technicians. Our in-house design team works with you to ensure your vehicle wraps represent the best of what your business has to offer.

Here are a few reasons to consider Hummer wraps from Skinzwraps:

  • Create a positive and lasting impression for clients with your Hummer.
  • Protect your investment and save money on traditional paint jobs.
  • Use your vehicle for business with a vinyl wrap and get tax incentives.
  • Update your company’s information at any time with a new wrap design.

You already know your Hummer makes a statement as one of the most exclusive SUVs out there, but you can go even further with Hummer vehicle wraps from Skinzwraps. We’ll bring your ideas to life in vivid detail with a custom wrap.

Personalized and Custom Hummer Wraps

Wraps help showcase a business, but they’re also a great accessory for your personal vehicle. Nobody ever mistakes a Hummer for any other vehicle, and that’s part of its allure for automobile enthusiasts and anyone who wants to drive a singular SUV. We’ve wrapped Hummers in just about every color you can imagine from glossy bright white to dazzling fluorescent shades like pink and tangerine.

Just like owners of Hummers that are used for business, the family H2 or H3 is an awesome candidate for a wrap because it helps protect the paint and your investment. SUV wraps for Hummers are ideal no matter how you use your Hummer whether it’s dropping the kids off for school or making deliveries for your business.

Drive in a Hummer as Unique as You

Our design team and installation techs have a lot of experience working with H2s and H3s, and our team will make sure you receive the highest quality wrap available. We don’t just copy what other wrap companies are doing; we innovate, update, and make sure we’re at the leading edge of design and technology.

Contact SkinzWraps today if you have ideas for your wrap or questions about our Hummer wrap cost,  and we’ll talk about putting your ideas into action.

Scion Car Wraps

SkinzWraps Has The Hook Up With Scion Car Wraps

There are many vehicles that are particularly popular with vinyl wraps today like company vehicles and street-legal race cars, and one brand of vehicle that is particularly popular with vinyl wrap enthusiasts is Scion, which is a division of Toyota. SkinzWraps has connections to many of the Scion dealerships through the Dallas area, which means getting Scion wraps with us is easy.

The Scion XB is a really popular delivery vehicle, particularly for food services that deliver catering and make home deliveries. All sorts of businesses like realtors, taxi services, and mobile computer techs use Scions as their company vehicles because they’re roomy enough for people and equipment, but they’re not too large like the size of a traditional delivery van.

Designing Scion Body Graphics Wraps

There’s an art to designing effective car graphics for businesses, and we’ve wrapped Scions from coast to coast with creative and memorable custom vehicle wraps. You can convey an extraordinary amount of information on your Scion with colors, contact information, and a logo.

Imagine you own a business that works on people’s backyard pools. We might choose a few background colors in varying shades of blue to make people think of the water in a swimming pool. Your logo and company’s telephone number will stand out for everyone to see on the blue background of your vinyl car wrap.

Even if you don’t normally use your Scion for deliveries, it can be helpful to think about putting some car graphics on the side to advertise your business. Our Dallas Scion XB Wraps are great for professionals like real estate agents or mobile notary publics. Even when you’re not on your way to an appointment, your Scion is advertising for you with each mile you travel with a vinyl car wrap.

Here are a few benefits of installing a car wrap on your Scion:

  • Protect your vehicle’s paint job with a wrap that’s less expensive than a paint job.
  • Use your vehicle as mobile advertising whenever your Scion is out on a delivery.
  • Easily update your Scion wraps whenever you change your company’s logo.
  • Advertise new products and events with special car graphics.

Even if your Scion isn’t part of a business, we’re experts in applying Scion body graphics wraps to any model, so you can enjoy an awesome wrap whether you drive an XB or an FR-S. From partial wraps to full car wraps, we can wrap as little or as much of your car as you’d like with custom car wraps from SkinzWraps.

Explore Our Scion Body Graphics Wraps

We’ve wrapped a ton of Scions and know the process like the back of our hand, but that doesn’t mean we don’t put maximum creativity into each Scion project that comes through our doors. We’re proud of our talented graphic designers, and we can wrap your Scion with anything from cool a carbon fiber wrap to a personalized Scion wrap to promote your business.

Contact SkinzWraps today about your new Scion, and we’ll get to work designing a new look for your vehicle with a unique and custom vinyl wrap in Dallas.