SUV Wraps

Promote Your Business With Custom SUV Wraps

SUVs are quickly becoming the go-to vehicle for everyone from soccer moms to hip hop artists. They fit everyone’s needs and stay stylish in the process which is why so many businesses are using them to promote their company or products. As SUVs continue to grow in popularity, it’s a good idea to think about differentiating the look of yours from everyone else’s and upping the ante a bit.

If you own a SUV for your business, you need to take it to the next level and really put it to use with a custom SUV wrap! No matter what kind of business you have or how detailed your car wrap needs to be, SkinzWraps has the expertise to match!


Increase Your Marketing with a Branded SUV Wrap

Vehicle graphics are a great way to maximize your company’s local reach. Since SUVs are larger than the typical vehicle, they allow for more advertising space to be utilized and therefore a greater overall impact. A great commercial car wrap allows you to market your service or product on the go without any effort. The custom car wrap does the work for you!

Vehicle wraps are the new, cost effective way to advertise and market your business. Do you need a little more convincing? Check out these statistics from Cox Communications/Eagle Research:

  • 48% of those polled viewed car wraps as the most unique advertising medium available.
  • Daily impressions of people seeing your car wrap is over 40,000
  • Car wraps and television ads were viewed as the two most memorable media.
  • 47%of 18-34 year olds surveyed found car wraps especially memorable.
  • Car wraps rank highly among advertising media for positive associations.
  • Of the target population, 61% spend over 1 hour per day on the road and 33%spend over 2 hours.

Let SkinzWraps Help Your Business

Are you interested in new ways to market your services? Our car wrap experts can help!

Contact SkinzWraps today and let us create an amazing vinyl wrap for your business’ SUV!

Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Advertise Your Company With Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Your commercial vehicle offers an incredible space on which to advertise your company, and Skinzwraps is your source for commercial vehicle wraps. From food trucks to large fleets to vans belonging to a small business, we’ll help you design a wrap that promotes your business in a positive way, each time your commercial vehicle heads out for a delivery or appointment.

Read on to learn more about how our commercial vehicle wraps can help your business whether you own an international corporation or a local, small-town business.

What is a Commercial Vehicle Wrap?

Commercial vehicle wraps are vinyl wraps, that help promote a business’s marketing, advertising, and promotional efforts. It’s expensive to run a business, and marketing plays an essential role – perhaps the most vital role – in growing your brand. Commercial vehicle wraps in Dallas help your company expand its footprint wherever your customers and future customers see your trucks.

Think of your commercial vehicle as a rolling billboard and our custom vehicle wraps as a highly effective and affordable way to advertise your business. Imagine you own a plumbing business, and you routinely make house calls in your community’s local neighborhoods. Our team will create commercial truck advertising for your vehicle that ensures everyone living near your customers sees your truck.

Go beyond a small decal on the side door of the vehicle or on the back. Consider installing a full vehicle wrap that showcases your company’s official colors, your logo, and your contact information. 

Our dedicated and in-house graphic designers will take your logo and bring it to life in vivid detail on your company’s commercial vehicles.

A Few Excellent Benefits of Commercial Auto Graphics

If you’re not yet convinced that commercial auto graphics are a great way to get more out of your marketing budget, check out these advantages of vehicle wraps in Dallas:

  • An auto wrap can protect your vehicle from damage and vandalism.
  • Car wrapping is easy to update and change, unlike a paint job.
  • Custom vehicle wraps enhance the appearance of your standard commercial vehicles.
  • A vinyl wrap in Dallas is an ideal way to promote an upcoming sale.

One of the best reasons to consider truck or car wrap advertising for your company’s fleet is that it’s one of the most affordable types of billboards you can use. That static billboard on the side of the road looks great and gets a lot of views, but it’s prohibitively expensive for a small business owner.

A custom vehicle wrap from Skinzwraps is the affordable and professional option for advertising your business.

Custom Vehicle Wraps from Skinzwraps

Our staff features an incredible team of graphic designers who innovate and lead the industry in car wrap advertising and graphics. Likewise, our installation crew is second-to-none in the business. We’d love to bring your ideas to life with custom commercial vehicle wraps for your business. 

Contact us today to find out how our team can help your business take advantage of custom commercial vehicle wraps.


Bus Wrap Advertising

The large, expansive side of a bus is a perfect surface on which to apply a memorable and professional vinyl bus wrap. The professional vehicle wrap experts of SkinzWraps will help you design and install an amazing bus wrap for your tour bus, company transport, or promotional bus.

Capture Messaging With a Bus Wrap

We’ll make sure people know you’re coming whether you’re advertising a new sale for your company, or you’re telling everyone about your band’s upcoming tour schedule. Let us take your company’s humble logo and transform it into a piece of art on the side of a bus with our custom vehicle wraps.

Why You Need a Bus Wrap from SkinzWraps

Think of a bus as a giant mobile billboard. Rather than paying for a static billboard on the side of the road or for a display at a bus stop, think of all the people who will see a bus wrap when it drives around town, across the state, or clear across the country. Bus wrapping is an incredibly effective option for virtually any type of promotion whether it’s designed for a special event or as a huge logo that will build name recognition.

There are many ways we can go with your bus graphics. We can wrap a bus whether it has windows or has a solid exterior, and we can wrap the entire bus or just a single side. When you come to SkinzWraps to discuss your project, we’ll offer our recommendations and get to work designing an amazing graphic for your organization, band, or business.

Imagine you’re the owner of an art gallery, and you want to promote a visiting artist or a collection that will be on display for the season. Consider wrapping a shuttle bus or another type of public transportation with our Dallas bus graphics. After a few days, thousands of eyes will see your vinyl car wrap’s big advertisement about the visiting artist at your art gallery.

Designing the Best Vinyl Bus Wrap

It’s important to strike a balance while mobile advertising with a memorable visual that’s also easy to read. You don’t want people looking at the side of the bus as it passes only to miss the entire message. Clarity is exceptionally important with a vinyl bus wrap, and that’s where our talented graphic designers can help you make the most of your bus wrap.

It’s essential to use a font that’s easily readable from far away, as well as an image size that is immediately clear to any onlooker on custom car wraps and bus wraps. Using the right colors and right balance of graphics and text requires the eye of an experienced designer, and you’re in luck because that’s exactly who we bring to the table when we start designing your bus graphics wraps.

Contact SkinzWraps Today at  214.741.4529!

If you’re interested in covering a bus with a dynamic and cost-effective vinyl advertisement, get in touch with SkinzWraps to learn more about our vehicle wraps in Dallas. We’ve covered legions of buses with full and partial wraps, and we can help you make the most of the valuable advertising space on your bus and get your message to thousands of potential customers.

Trailer Wraps

Mobile Billboard Advertising Trailer Wraps

Trailers serve a million different purposes from hauling livestock, vehicles, and merchandise to working as mobile concessions trucks and transport for mobile events. If you need trailer wraps for your vehicle, SkinzWraps, Inc. is your professional source for creative, notable, and effective trailer graphics.

It’s essential to convey information quickly when you’re using your trailer as mobile advertising, and our vinyl graphic artists are experts in creating stunning and memorable graphics. Not only will our trailer wraps look professional, but they’ll also serve as an incredibly cost-effective method of promoting what you do. We’ll even create custom vehicle wraps for the truck that pulls the trailer.

Professional Trailer Graphics from SkinzWraps, Inc.

It’s our goal to exceed your expectations when we design and install your trailer graphics, and we’re sure that our professional installation and graphics will look incredible whether you’re transporting livestock or hauling a race car to the track. We can create everything from horse trailer decals to massive tractor trailer wraps that cover the entire trailer from front to back and top to bottom.

Imagine you’re a race car driver, and you’re starting to participate in local races where you need a team for support. You’ll probably want to think about getting sponsors, and our trailer wraps are the perfect way to announce your team to potential sponsors.

Here Are a Few of the Benefits of Trailer Graphics:

  • Trailer wraps are perfect for temporary advertisements and event marketing.
  • Trailer graphics are easy to change and update over time.
  • Wrapping a trailer is great for protecting it from the elements.
  • Trailer wraps get your message in front of thousands of eyes.
  • Our trailer wraps make your company or organization look professional.
  • Wraps make it tough to vandalize your trailer, and they’re easy to replace.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Get in touch with us so we can talk about how our graphic designers can create an amazing vinyl wrap in Dallas for your trailer.

Want a New Trailer Wrap Design? Let Our Artists Help

A slick logo can do so much for your business, and a smartly designed image can do wonders for making your business or organization look professional with car wrapping. We know that it’s not just a matter of professional installation that makes our vehicle and trailer graphics look amazing. It’s also the talents of our graphic artists who are dedicated to the visual and creative medium of custom car wraps.

We’ll use our design expertise to make sure you’re using your trailer’s walls in the most effective manner for getting your message across whether it’s to advertise your company’s products or simply to enhance brand recognition.

Start Using Your Trailer for Mobile Advertising

That large white or gray expanse on your trailer’s side is just waiting for an image, logo, or trademark and a vinyl car wrap. If you regularly use a trailer and want to showcase what’s inside it, talk to us about how we can design a professional and striking trailer wrap for your vehicle.


Contact SkinzWraps, Inc. today and don’t let this easy option for mobile advertising go unused.

Truck Wraps

Boost Your Business With A Truck Wrap

Trucks and pickup trucks are often used for small businesses like certain types of contractors and many other types of businesses. Their durability and functionality make them great vehicles for these businesses. At SkinzWraps, we’ve wrapped many trucks with all types of specifications and price points. We want our clients to be happy with the end product and also comfortable with the cost.

Custom Design Services

Do you need some creative direction for a great car wrap? Our expert vinyl wrap designers enjoy the challenge of coming up with something new and creative for our clients. Vehicle wraps are like pieces of art to us and we take a lot of pride in what we do!

Let Your Company Truck Advertise For You!

If you own a truck for your business, you should be utilizing the advertising space on the truck to benefit your business. The cost of advertising over the life of your vehicle is minimal especially when compared with other traditional forms of advertising that are less effective and much less personal. Never miss an opportunity to show potential customers what you can do for them! Advertise while you drive with a custom truck wrap from SkinzWraps!

Don’t own a truck? No problem! We offer other services for various types of vehicles.

We Provide Vinyl Wrapping For:

  • Trailer Wraps
  • SUV Wraps
  • Hummer Wraps
  • Commercial Vehicle Wraps
  • Van Wraps
  • Food Truck Wraps
  • And Many More!

Contact SkinzWraps for Your Vehicle Wrap

Are you interested in new and creative ways to get more business? Do you want your company truck to stand out from the crowd? Then let our experts help. We know what makes a great car wrap and what works in advertising and we’re here to help you.

Contact SkinzWraps  to learn more about what we do and how we can help your business!

Camoflauge Wraps

Different Styles of Camo Vehicle Wraps

One of the most popular wrap styles today is the camouflage wrap from SkinzWraps. Much like the sleek carbon fiber wrap (which remains popular, too), camouflage wraps look slick on any vehicle whether you drive a Dodge RAM or a Fort GT.

And if you know anything about camouflage, you know that there are a ton of different styles of camo wraps out there for your vehicle. One camo vinyl wrap might look predominantly brown and green and remind you of a hunter’s jacket. Another Dallas camo wrap might look a little bluish with some gray and black. Our camo car graphics are as creative as you can imagine.

Camo Wraps for Trucks, Jeeps, ATVs & More

When you think of camouflage, you probably imagine a soldier crouched down trying to avoid detection, and that’s certainly one way you can use a camo vinyl wrap from SkinzWraps. If you’re an avid hunter, and you don’t want your bright red truck sitting like a beacon when you go out for the season, a camo truck wrap is exactly the sort of wrap you need for your hunting trips.

On the other hand, an amazing camo graphics wrap would definitely make your car stand out in a sea of plain blue, black, white, and red vehicles. We once covered a Ford GT in Austin with a camo pattern in a wrap laminate style (featured on this page), and the result was truly one-of-a-kind. Let us get creative when we create your unique camo vehicle wrap.

Benefits of a Camo Vinyl Wrap

If you’ve never had a vehicle wrapped before, you might not know about some of the benefits of wrapping your car. Whether you go for personalized car graphics in a color of your choosing, or you let us help you design an awesome camo vinyl wrap, the result will protect your car for many years. Our high-quality vinyl wraps in Dallas are designed to last while also protecting your vehicle’s paint job and appearance.

Your pickup truck is meant to get dirty, abused, and used, but there’s no reason to find you need a paint job just a few years after you buy it because you took a few too many trips into the mud. Camo graphics wraps are an ideal way to protect your vehicle, which is particularly useful if you’re leasing a truck. We can remove your vinyl truck wrap whenever it’s time to trade your truck in for a newer model.

Contact SkinzWraps for Your Camo Wrap Needs

Our camo wraps are designed to last, and you won’t find a more experienced installation crew than the experts at SkinzWraps. We’re pioneers in the vinyl car wrapping industry, and we’d love to show you how we can improve the appearance of your car or truck with a professionally installed vinyl vehicle wrap.

If you’re trying to figure out whether a camo vinyl wrap is the best wrap for your vehicle, give us a call and let our talented graphic designers help you choose a pattern the fits your personal style and vehicle. We’re positive one of our camo wraps will help you blend in on a hunting trip or stand out on your morning commute.

Contact SkinzWraps today at (214) 741-4529 or stop by our Dallas location today to find your perfect vehicle wrap!

Van Wraps

Promote Your Business With Van Wraps From SkinzWraps

Mobile advertising is an amazing way to promote your business, and van wraps are ideal for any business that travels to appointments like a plumber, electrician, or insurance agent.

SkinzWraps is your source for custom van wrap design and installation in Dallas, as well as in our partner cities including Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City. We offer car wrapping from coast to coast.

Advertising is everywhere these days, but it can put a fair dent in your budget to place advertisements as far as the eye can see. Van wraps get the job done fast, and getting custom a custom van wrap design for your van is much more cost-effective than actually painting the van with an image, logo, or company information.

Custom Van Wrap Design from SkinzWraps

Does your company have a fleet of Transit Connect vans? Do you use Sprinter vans? Our design pros know exactly how to create effective Transit Connect wraps and vinyl sprinter wrap images. All you have to do is share the year, make, and model of your van, and we can get to work designing van wraps that will make your company’s vehicles stand out and get noticed.

Perhaps you own a catering service, and you frequently drop off breakfast food and coffee for your clients in company vans. Recently, you made a new type of coffee available to your customers, and you’d like to advertise this new offering. A van vinyl wrap for a Sprinter is an ideal way to share the news everywhere, every time you make a delivery.

A van vinyl wrap is also a great way to score a tax break on your vehicle as a small business owner or as an independent contractor. If you use your vehicle for business and want to receive a tax break, putting your company’s information on the van with custom vehicle wraps is a terrific way to advertise your small business and ensure you get the tax break you deserve.

Take Advantage of Valuable Advertising Space

Vinyl van graphics are valuable for your business whether you’re working with just a few vehicles, or you have a giant fleet. Even if you have a single van, your vehicle and its van wrap advertising is probably the least expensive option you have for getting your company’s name and logo in front of a significant number of potential customers.

Imagine your van parked outside a home where you’re making a delivery or working on a job. Everyone who passes your vehicle will notice the name and any other important details we’ve included on the van vinyl wrap in Dallas, and they’ll remember that name the next time they search for the service you provide.

Get Your Van Wrap Advertising Started Today

Don’t waste the valuable space on the side of your company’s vans when it could be covered with cost-effective, professionally installed van graphics from SkinzWraps. Whether you have fifty vans in your fleet, or you’re just a one-man (or woman) operation, we’ll help you design an effective and helpful auto wrap for your vehicles.

We combine the talents of our dedicated graphic artists and the expert installation techniques of our crew to ensure you receive the best quality Dallas van wrap advertising.

Give us a call today to take your business to the next level with van graphics from SkinzWraps.


We  Can Install Your Team’s Race Car Graphics

Whether you’re a professional driver or an amateur racer, SkinzWraps is your source for race car wraps and graphics. We specialize in full graphics and vinyl wraps, as well as partial graphics for all racing vehicles. Whether you need a large graphic on the hood or a new half wrap for the side, we can design and install your team’s race car graphics.

We’ll also provide additional graphics and car wraps as you begin to pick up sponsors and need new full or partial wraps for your car. Our car graphics look amazing whether you’re barreling around the corner in a ’57 Chevy, or you’re racing past the competition in your Miata.

Designing Your Race Car Vehicle Wraps

We’ve wrapped many competition vehicles, and we can help you figure out what’s legal and what’s not when it comes to your race car wraps. You might need to look at the rules made by the sanctioning body that makes the rules for your races for guidance on what you can and cannot use for race or drag race car wraps.

For example, some groups have rules on using metalized vinyl because it’s too reflective, so alternative materials need to be used to give you the visibility you want without risking running afoul of the rules associated with your race club, circuit, or track. From dirt race car wraps to professional stock car wraps, there isn’t a type of vehicle our technicians haven’t wrapped.

Race Car Wraps from SkinzWraps

You wouldn’t trust the motor in your vehicle to just any mechanic, and the same consideration is important for the exterior of your car or truck. When you work with SkinzWraps for your race car wrap designs, we bring an extraordinary amount of experience to the table. Whether you’re a veteran driver, or you’re building your first team, we’re your design partner for custom car wraps.

We’ll take our design experience and make recommendations for your vehicle. Our race car graphics are appropriate for professional circuits, as well as for the single-car team who doesn’t have a sponsor yet but wants to make a statement with a professional door number or logo. We’ll wrap anything from motocross bikes to drag cars with our vinyl wraps in Dallas.

Maybe you’re not part of a team, but you’d like to put a custom wrap on the classic car on which you did a motor swap in your garage. Perhaps your newly classic 80s muscle car is due for some racing stripes. Wherever you drive and whatever you drive, we’re your source for everything from small vinyl decals to full drag race car wraps.

Get On The Track With SkinzWraps Car Wraps

Contact SkinzWraps today to see how we can create vivid and memorable graphics for your race car. Our experienced graphic wrap designers will take your ideas and bring them to life while our professional installation crew will make sure your race car graphics are applied with care and that the wrap will last no matter what torture you put your car through on the track.

Car Wraps

 Car Vinyl Wraps

With over a decade of experience, testing, and research in car wraps, We transform cars with vinyl car wraps and unique car graphics at our four locations in Texas, California, New York, Florida, and throughout the country.


Custom Vinyl Flame Wraps on a 350z in Dallas  Full Custom Car Wrap in Hollywood, CA  Custom Car Graphics for Little Debbie Smartcar in L.A.

Partial Car Wrap on a Prius in Dallas  Vinyl Vehicle Wrap on a Prius for Go Green Dallas  Race Car Custom Wrap

How Can I Make My Car Look Unique?

The other day, you saw a Tesla on the highway and noticed it looked a little different. it was better looking than anything else on the road. That Tesla had a matte charcoal metallic wrap from SkinzWraps, which made the electric beast look like something out of a magazine. A rolling advertisement for just how amazing a car can look with custom designed car wraps.

With millions of cars on the road, feeling like you drive a unique car is challenging unless you have a Lambo sitting in the garage. However, even if you own the same car as a million other people in your state (which can easily happen in places like Texas), a radical change to your car’s paint finish might be just the upgrade you want.

So, how do you make your car stand out, so it’s not just another Prius, 370Z, or F150?

Customize Your Car with Vinyl Car Graphics

In addition to standard wrap designs like carbon fiber wraps and chrome car wraps, we also have a design team that works with custom requests. Our car wrap design techs work exclusively to create graphics for vehicles and in vehicle wrap design.

Every car presents unique challenges with its bends, curves, and chrome, and our car wrap design experience allows us to apply a vinyl car wrap to just about anything with wheels. 

Here are a few of our specialty wraps and car wrap options:

Smart Car Wraps

One of the coolest car vinyl wrap options we have is our selection of smart car wraps. Designed for the Smart Car 2.0, our wraps run the gamut from an ethereal and ocean-like cerulean that we simply call “The Blue” to a fierce black and red wrap we call “Angel of Death.”

Race Car Wraps

We’ve wrapped a serious number of race car graphics for vehicles all over the country, and we can work with you on your car wrap advertising to make sure your sponsors are featured in clear and readable type. Our car wrap design techs can fit any logo or image on just about any race car, and our car wrapping prices are competitive.

Don’t have a race car but like to drive fast? We specialize in sports car wraps, too. People won’t just hear your 707 hp Hellcat roaring down the highway; they’ll see a supercharged menace that’s ready to melt pavement.

Ditch the Ordinary with a Unique Car Wrap

You’ve seen cars with flames plastered along the side and classic muscle cars with big, fat racing stripes running from front to back, but a car wrap doesn’t have to be flashy and neon to give your car that unique factor.

Maybe you’ve got a Jeep and think our camo car wraps would make it look like it just clawed its way out of the jungle. Perhaps you just bought a Ram 1500 and think a matte black car wrap with your company’s logo on the door is the way to go. Are you just itching to get a carbon fiber car wrap on your M5?

Want to know if we can wrap your car? Give us a call and tell us about your ride and what car graphics you’d like to see on your vehicle. Something flashy? Something subtle?

Contact us and we’ll go over our car wrap pricing and how our graphic artists will create something incredible and custom for your vehicle whether it’s a brand new sports car or your humble daily driver.